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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flaunt Your Flowers

One of the last things I do outside (before it's too cold to do anything),
is dig up the canna bulbs. 
 It's kind of a pain in the you-know-what, but worth it in the long run.
They are so beautiful all summer long...
And such a great plant for covering large areas.
This summer I tucked them in by the garden gate...

They get so big and stately looking.
Behind little Wyatt and the wagon they look like trees!!

This is one of my favorite shots of our grandson, Wyatt....
taken during his first trip to the farm!

Okay, don't get side-tracked Grandma,
so back to the job at hand....

Cannas aren't very deep just remember they've multiplied so dig out a ways, 
as not to chop into any of the bulbs.

Once you get them all un-earthed...
shake off the excess dirt and chop off the tops,
 only if they are totally dried up.  (this is where the bulb gets it's nutrients for next year)

And then store in a cool dry place.  I'm going to store them in our basement
and hope for the best!!

These bulbs tripled in quantity for me this summer,
next year I'll be planting them all over the farm!

I'm sharing this little tid-bit of info about cannas with Tootsie over at 
Flaunt Your Flowers....check it out.

Have a better than fine Friday my friends!


Mimi said...

Great photos...I love cannas but have never grown them, maybe next year!

Karen said...

Hi Lisa, oh, your grandson Wyatt is just the cutest little fellow! I got sidetracked staring wistfully at him! What a sweetheart.

Thank you for the great tutorial on digging canna bulbs. I need to read it over again, because for some reason, I seem to have lost all my cannas over the years; probably due to not drying them properly. I know how much work it is, and dreaded digging them each fall, but you're right, it is so worth it. I also wanted to comment on your gorgeous table setting in the previous post...I WISH I had your decorating talent (and dishes that matched!) How beautiful!