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Monday, November 22, 2010

Look Who the Wind Blew In

We had a visitor this past night. 
 One whom we have not seen for awhile.
Not that he's been missed...
his company brings us duress! 
For when he comes to visit...
he knows not when to leave!
His humor is careless
His spirit is frayed... 
the longer he stays,
 the more we are peeved!
He stays too long he goes way too far, 
he must want to live here, here on this farm!
He has no worries nor cares, doesn't give a hoot about our cost...
I wish someone would bury that old man, Jack Frost!! 

Everything on the farm grew white whiskers overnight!

Frosty days and cold nights....

It's funny how things happen some times...
I'm sitting here making up this quirky little poem as I go, and suddenly
I'm remembering my Dad (he was great at making up poems)
and how he would help me with those High School poetry assignments 
(I was terrible at it and still am)
we would laugh and laugh at the funny lines he could come up with.
Now here I sit, tears in my eyes, overwhelmed with happy memories 
and it dawns on me...the date...November 20th
Mom and Dad's anniversary!
I swear sometimes Dad is still looking over my shoulder helping me with my homework!

The newlyweds, Ronnie and Lila Jean with nephew Dennis 1951

 My Dad's been gone a long time already, but they did get to
spend 30 wonderful years together.  
 Their's was a love that's lasted through the ages.
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Today I'm thankful for a wedding day in November 1951 and lasting love!


Custom Comforts said...

What beautiful pictures! I've never seen a frost with whiskers before. Is there something special that causes it to be that way? We don't get frosts like that here in Ohio ~ just enough to make scraping your car windows a pain :)

Murphyfish said...

Just like to say what a beautiful and moving post. The pictures of the frost are wonderful.

Verde Farm said...

I got chill bumps reading this wonderful post. I lost my dad a few years back and I know he is still around making sure I mind my p's and q's. How wonderful that your poem came today. I am sure he was sitting there helping you write it! I though you got it from a book-so I loved it. The pictures are amazing. Such sharpness--loved it :)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Thank you so much for linking to TTT. I so enjoyed this lovely post and memories of your parents. Your previous post of the beautiful game birds is stunning also. Hugs, Marty

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Pics are beautiful, and wanted to say thanks for stopping by and commenting. Feel free to follow the next time you stop by, Happy Thanksgiving. Teresa

Karen said...

The pictures of the frost would win any contest, you have such talent! You have a very nice windmill tower too.....any plans for resurrecting them?

I also thought you had copied the poem, how lovely...your father was a very special man and I'm glad you still have your fond memories of him. Love the family pictures, too.

Suzy said...

Did your father write the Jack Frost poem? I loved it. All these photos are wonderful, but the first one is absolutely award-winning!!! You have such a good eye for photography.