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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Say "Cheese"

(Warning: This post is a little on the cheesy side)

"I see the light" 

a new kitchen light!!!!

I was so happy when the 30 year old fan died on us a month ago.
Now we have to make up our minds and decide on either a new fan 
or just a new light.
I'm so happy with the light...
and can't believe how it changed the feel of the whole kitchen.
It's true, lighting and fixtures are to a room
 like jewelry is to the outfit!

Before:    Boring!                                                                       After:    Bling!

And now I have the motivation I need to finish painting the upper cabinets.
Sall installed the new window a year ago, I guess I better get busy!

And so, today I am thankful for...
A new light in my kitchen
(I told you it was gonna be cheesy)

Keep Smiling,


Eric said...

ALAS, let there be LIGHT!!!

barb said...

Very nice light!

Verde Farm said...

Lisa, I LOVE it--you kitchen looks amazing. That light really brings a vintage look to the kitchen. It amazes me how one small change give a room a huge new look. Well done :)