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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where The Coyotes Howl

Not one of my usual blog photos.....
No fancy editing, not even a cute frame from Picnik!
Nope, this shot belongs to our deer hunting friend, Jeff.
He decided to set up his Bushnell Hunting Cam
 in our back trees to see if we get any deer in these parts....
We were all quite amazed at the numerous shots of deer that it captured.

Some shots are up close and personal...
See it's eye lashes???

Needless to say Jeff was quite impressed and 
came back with full hunting gear
to get himself a buck!

I decided to (once again) tag along and see if 
any of this would make good blogging material.
Sure enough, Jeff was quite informative and explained all of his maneuvers to me.
Although, he'd never make a deer hunter out of me, it was all pretty interesting.
Here he is setting up some decoys and then spraying them with doe scent.
You don't want to leave any human smell on them or your prey will get spooked.

So after he got his ground work done, he headed up the tallest
tree in the Sall Farm forest.

His ladder reaches 16 feet, then he climbed up another 4 feet to his small platform.
Now, he sits there and waits....

from around 4:00 P.M. till dark he sits there and watches... 
with binoculars and Bow waiting for the biggest buck in the county!
That's every hunter's dream right?
And that's where I left him...
hanging out in the trees just him and his fantasies of 
a 10 point buck and his picture on the cover of Field & Stream.

He had the whole weekend to hunt... so,the first night he more or less
scoped out the deer population.
He counted 30 doe and 6 bucks passed through right in front of him.
His second night was his night to get one.
The boys at camp said to bring back some camp meat, 
it doesn't have to be any trophy winner!!
So that he did....right at dark his bow took down a small buck.
It was hit hard enough, he said to go down but must've gotten up again.
Getting darker and darker, Jeff wasn't able to find it, and decided to come 
back in the morning to get it.

We had a gorgeous sunrise that morning...
Jeff showed up bright and early with his wife and father-in-law, to help him load up the deer in the back of their truck.  Now to find it....
Jeff took us to the spot where he thought it should be...
no deer...
we started looking and no deer...
I was starting to worry about that massive corn field right next door...
if he got into that we'll never find him.
We stayed optimistic and kept walking the trees all the way to the
other end...
and there it was...

what was left of it....
it seems there were some hungry coyotes
in the neighborhood last night!!

Unbelievable!!  There we all stood, mouths hanging open
in disbelief. Not one shred of meat left anywhere!!

After the shock wore off, Jeff knelt down and posed for the picture 
of him and his bounty.
Not the record book he was aiming for, but certainly one for the record!!
Better luck next time, Jeff.

We decided to take the skeleton back to hunting camp
so the boys could see it.  
This is one story they'll all be telling for awhile...
The Lore of the Sall Farm Coyotes!

If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is natures's way.

Have a great Tuesday,


barb said...

That's quite a story. If you didn't have pictures to prove it I never would have believed you. Someone better go coyote hunting.

Karen said...

Lisa, WOW, don't go out in the woods alone at night, how scary. I wonder how many coyotes are in that pack? Or is it wolves? Or Sasquatch? lol I have never seen anything like that, and to clean up a carcass so quickly...that's creepy. Be very careful out there, you don't know what's going bump in the night.

Jeff said...

Lisa, Wow you can tell the story really good! Thank you for sharing that! Any sasquatch sightings yet? HA HA!! See you guys this weekend for some redemption.

Casey said...

That is amazing! Great post Lisa. Sorry for your friend though.

Anonymous said...

I've always heard that coyotes will make short work of a downed deer should they stumble upon it, but that is just amazing! Nature is so efficient isn't it!?! Wow!

Great Blog you have here also. Found it thanks to a tweet that Casey put up on twitter. (I'm sure glad he did!)

Mimi said...

Wow, there must have been more than a few to ingest a whole deer in that amount of time...incredible!

Ian Nance said...

Those coyotes are something else! Great post!!!