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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wordless in Hand County

No photo editing, just black birds feasting on a sunflower field.....

I'm linking up with wordless Wednesday today.
Why? Because after 2 sleepless nights, nobody wants to 
hear the mindless jiberish coming from my head!
Peace and Good Night,


Karen said...

Hello Lisa, I just read through the postings I missed. Two sleepless nights? Are you ok?

I surely can learn a thing or two from you about blogging. I try to get old friends and family to read my blog too, so I can keep everyone updated pretty much on my oh-so-exciting life. But I got the same hilarious responses you wrote about (a blog is like something you coughed up, very funny!) so I gave up. Then, to make matters worse, I've been writing about boring stuff lately, so there goes the readers.

I love your new kitchen light and all of your new additions to the blog. That is a really big flock of blackbirds, aren't they noisy though? We had a small flock in the cornfield yesterday and they are loud. Keep up the fantastic work, you've got a follower here in Wisconsin!

jen said...

Cool pic.. scary amount of birds though! lol

Happy WW :)

Beth F said...

Holy Cow that's quite a flock!

And Miles To Go... said...


Karen said...

Lisa, oh, you and I could chat the nights away sometimes...lately I haven't hit the hay before 3AM myself, but I haven't gone looking for my cat. I really, really need my beauty sleep, too, it's a matter of Public Safety, lol.

And I have an unstable (tipsy?) friend too, is this a small world?? who called me very early yesterday morning to ask about some medical advice...she thought she was talking to a doctor, and no amount of my telling her who I was got through to her, either. She thanked me and hung up. I tried to go back to sleep and the phone rang again, it was her telling me what the 'doctor' told her to do about her hay fever. I just started to laugh, what else can you do at that point??

Glad you're ok, though! And thanks for the comments over on my blog, I really appreciate it. Karen

Carol at Serendipity said...

Amazing photo. And I love your new light.

I am so far behind on visiting....


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