Blizzards and Blooms

Happy December 31st!

The last blizzard of the year is still 
raging outside my window....

I was going to be brave and venture out
for some live shots.
But, Sall quickly talked me out of it.
He's so sweet!

So, here's our view to the west at 10:00 a.m.
I know, it looks like it's dark out!!

We aren't getting all that much snow,
it's just blowing sideways and making
visibility a real problem.

It will be interesting to get out and see 
all the drifts when it's over!

Meanwhile (back inside),
 I'm really getting anxious for
my amaryllis to open. It's getting closer!!
A little sunshine would help I'm sure.
It sits on my kitchen windowsill, 
where we monitor it daily while doing the dishes.
(My winter excitement!)

I love having amaryllis in the house in January!
It's the best way to get my flower fix, 
Spring time is a long ways away!

These were some beauties
I grew from previous years....

Even a white amaryllis in the middle
of winter is beautiful!!

I'll be keeping you posted on this year's beauty!
I've forgotten what color I bought, 
so it'll be a surprise for all of us!

Now it's nap time...(so I can stay up till midnight).

What are you doing New Year's Eve???


med109 said…
Wow that look's to cold for me. Olathe, Co has NO snow on the ground. But it is cold. Evan's band is playing at the bar in Delta tonight, so I will be going to watch, William is going with his G-ma to his Aunt and Uncles. I get to be the DD and make sure everyone that needs a ride gets a ride. Happy New Year!
Verde Farm said…
Lisa, I am so glad we’ve become blog friends this year. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your wonderful pictures and mosaics every time. I had no idea there was a blizzard out there somewhere today. We’ve actually had a break in bad weather and we’ve had sun and around 60 degrees yesterday and today. I even sat out on my screen porch for a while and drank coffee :) I have to tell you though--I love snow and think your pictures look much cozier on this last day of the year than mine would. Wishing you many blessings and happiness in 2011 :)
Sharon said…
It's blizzards like that, that made me move to TN. They are pretty to look at, I will give you that - it sure beats brown! But I am enjoying the unusual 70 degree afternoon, of course, that means we are in for a whopper of a storm when the cold comes back!

I love your idea of starting a flower to have a pretty bloom in January and you are ready for some color! I do hope you get a really pretty one!

Nope, not seeing the New Year in, I will be sleeping. Enjoy and have a Happy New Year!
cityfarmer said…
on the couch with a glass of red ....
oh and Chicago Bulls, well actually they're not on the couch ... uh oh ... got myself in a corner

barb said…
Just walked uptown for cream cheese to make shrimp alfredo. What a rejuvinating walk. I love the snow and cold. Bring it on. b

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