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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brown Paper Packages

Many of the bloggers that I follow do "give-aways". 
I have entered only a couple of them myself,
 with no luck at winning anything.
 Of course,the bloggers that give away
 the nicest things, have followers in the 4 digit range
and my chances of winning are slim, as always.
As a new blogger I aspire to the pros
and can see myself having a "give-away",
 in fact I'm anxiously anticipating and 
planning it....
plan A) something vintage from my Etsy shop???
plan B) something home-made...
maybe something quilted or stitched??
plan C) the obvious thing would be a jar of Sall Farm Pickles???
plan D) maybe all of the above????????

At any rate with 21 followers, I'm not quite 
up to the give-away standards yet!
So, if you're thinking about being on the receiving end
of a great give-away - hit that "Follow" button
and check back with us soon!

In the meantime....
my friend Amy at Verde Farm is 
having a very special gift basket give-away.
A lovely basket  filled with soaps, lotions,
sachets, jams, and herbs. 
I love her blog and am recommending it to 
all my friends and followers!
Stop by and register for her very first give-away.
(you can tell her Sall's Country Life sent you)
With 110 followers, Verde Farm (like ours) 
is still in it's Freshman stage (although you can't tell it).
My point is, your chances of winning are still pretty good!
I've put their button (an easy click away) 
at the top of our side bar or just click here.

Hmmm, Amy has 110 followers.
There's a goal...when I hit 110 followers, 
I'm givin' somethin' away!!!!

See you soon,


bj said...

Hi, Lisa..thanks so much for coming by.
I am not sure if I am following or not but will check it. I THINK I already am...:)

bj said...

OK, I am now your newest follower..:)