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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Brunch With the Quilt Ladies

Have you ever been a quest in someone's home 
and felt totally "At Home"???

You know what I mean....
from the minute you step inside the door,
you feel like your mother is there telling you,
 "take your shoes off
and sit down and eat something!"

The smell of cinnamon rolls about melts you
 to the welcome mat,
the gracious hosts says, "Come in! Come in!"
and the home envelopes you in a warm
 and cozy blanket (or in this case a QUILT!!)

You just want to stay for...well, forever!!!

That was the feeling I experienced last week, 
when Mom and I got to visit Mrs. Z's house.

Mrs. Z (Twila) is the founding lady of my mother's quilt club.
And we were lucky enough to be invited 
to her annual Christmas brunch for the club!!

The quilting club consists of about 14 talented quilters.
They not only know how to quilt,
 but they also know how to have fun!

"Even your fat-quarters are skinnier than mine"

A merry bunch of gals gathered at Twila's house this day, 
and the fun began!

Her house was all decked out with
 Christmas quilts, collectables and decorations!

Truly a joy to take it all in!!

From her collection of nativities
 to the woodsy Christmas tree...
It was all quite amazing and magical!!

Twila put out quite the array of delicious holiday goodies!!

Her table was pre-set with gifts for all....
quilting gifts (of course)

Each of us got to take home a fat quarter of fabric
 and a coordinating porcelain thimble
How's that for thoughtful gifting?

The cinnamon rolls melted in my mouth,
the cookies and candy took it over the top!
And then there was the Puff Corn....
OHHHHH! The candied puff corn!!!!!
This was the cat's meow, the bees knees,
and the tempt-n-est candy I've ever been around!!


Melted white chocolate chips
drizzled over Puff Corn

Yep, that's it!!

Absolutely easy-peasy and "delicious" doesn't do it justice!!

A treat certain to win over Santa Claus!!!

What a fun and special get-together
 for the quilting ladies of W.S.
Thanks so much, Mrs. Z!!

The plaque on her wall reads....

Families are like quilts
lives pieced together,
stitched with smiles and tears,
colored with memories 
bound by LOVE.

And that's a very fitting motto for this little 
"family" of quilters!! 

Thanks be to Mrs. Z for sharing her time and talents,
her patterns and ideas, and her home and hospitality!!!

(Just a note...
Twila's house had so many beautiful quilts, I couldn't possibly 
fit them all into one post!! So, stay tuned for part II of The Talented Quilted Lady!!)

I hope you are having a festive holiday season....
entertaining friends and family, giving and laughing and 
enjoying the reason for the season!!


Ryan said...

While I have never made a quilt, I sure do like to snuggle up with one on a cold winter's day in front of the fire. Nice pics as usual.

The Average Joe Fisherman

Verde Farm said...

Oh Lisa, what a fun party. I love her decorations, the food sounds yummy and so fun to get together with a group of ladies to do something you love.

Sharon said...

Oh, my goodness, I would like to go visit there myself, to feast my eyes and have some of those goodies too!

barb said...

I almost feel like I was there! Love the pictures...b

Lisa RedWillow said...

I loved your blog. I live in the country and that is where I will stay . I love it .I remember making so many decoartion and still do. I make all my wreaths with added decoration. I recall when I was a teen and married fresh I made everything and I mean everything. From curtains to decoartiona and grew everything. Its not that long ago and times have changed since.
Merry Christmas my friend.
Loved all all your photos.

Jackie said...

What a wonderful time, I felt part of it. What a clever lady with all those marvellous quilts.Sounds like a great host too.
If you read my blog for today you will see that I have bought some American candy from a great place not far away from here. I will have to see if they sell puff corn.

Looking forward to seeing more on of Twila's quilts, I am always so envious of anyone who can make such wonderful works of art and heirlooms.

Have a good weekend, Jackie in Surrey UK.

we three dogs and me said...

Thanks for the tour of Mrs Z's party. Love all your photos takes me back I will be 8o in Feb. Merry Christmas