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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Dear Friends!
How time flies when you’re having fun! We had a pretty crazy year with                                                                                                                                                                       extreme weather conditions, oodles of pickles, two new grand-babies, and busy with all of it.  Steve still keeps busy with building. I help out a family of six with baby-sitting and house-keeping.  Our garden did pretty well after it survived a flooding spring.  The Sall Farm pickle kitchen was steaming hot and pickles were coming out our ears!!  A banner sweet corn crop…Steve hauled corn to Custer, SD and the local market and to Woonsocket. It’s always a successful year if the garden can produce enough for three counties!! Ha! 
We were happy to have all the kids here a couple times this summer. Eric and Rachel and little Wyatt are a little more accessible in Kansas City again, so we get to see them more again.  Beniah, Emily, Domino and little Zelda are happily residing in Kansas City and stay busy with jobs and all things family!! We are anxious for the whole gang to be together in K.C. for Christmas.  Three little ones walking and crawling will be a lot of fun!! 

That was the letter we sent to friends
 and family spread across the U.S.!
The typical Christmas letter that keeps us
 in touch and sends the message 
of peace and goodwill and Merry Christmas to all!

This is a special message to all of my new found blogging friends....

I can't tell you how I've enjoyed making new connections across state and continent lines!!
Blogging has changed my world for the better,
and I just want to let each and every follower and visitor know
how much I appreciate you!!! 

The  pickle farmers in South Dakota
want to wish you, each and all a Very Merry Christmas!!

We will be here all winter long
dreaming of another pickle season...

Trying to stay warm and sane,
until the last snow melt....

And yes, I will be blogging about it all...

My heartfelt gratitude for your kind words
and inspiration....
my cup runneth over!!

May we continue this friendship...
laugh, and learn and grow together!

And all find each day is just one after the other
but, just a little more interesting in the form of a "Blog"!!!



Cass @ That Old House said...

Dear Lisa,
I'm one of your Followers, and I pass your lovely wishes right back to you and your family!

Your South Dakota life seems very exotic to this New Jersey gal; I love your blog, and wish you many more happy posting days in the New Year!

All the best ... Cass

Debra said...

Aww... that was the sweetest post! Thanks so much for sharing your photos and your farm life with us. I appreciate your blog so much and wow! Two new grandbabies--you are blessed! Have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing new year....Debra

barb said...

Merry Christmas blogging sister! Hope it's a great one for all of you down there in Kansas City. Bring us back lots of pictures.

Sharon said...

Have a blessed Christmas with those you love. Very nice post!

BTW, is first snow pickle I ever saw! Cute!

Jackie said...

Hi Lisa

Love the snow pickle!! Also the photographs are marvellous, thank you for sharing them. I don't know much about pickle farming but look forward to learning a lot more next year and beyond.

My husband and I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and a very prosperous 2011!!

Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

Casey said...

Thank you for The Christmas wishes and Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope next year goes well for you folks! Have a safe Holiday Season!

Verde Farm said...

Lisa, what a wonderful Christmas letter. I just love those. Your picklen snow sculpture is awesome. I bet Christmas with all the grandbabies was just wonderful. I am going to have to order some Sall Farm pickles this year. Yum! Looking forward to sharing with you again in 2011 :)