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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mom's 80

December 13th, 1930 was 80 years ago!
In 1930.......
"Mickey Mouse"comic strip 1st appeared
also, the 1st radio broadcast of "Lone Ranger"
"Happy Days are Here Again"by Benny Mereoff hit #1
The First Red & Green traffic lights
 were installed in Manhattan N.Y.C.
Clyde Tombough announced discovery of Planet Pluto 
Hostess "Twinkies" were invented 
by Bakery executive James Dewar
Synthetic rubber was 1st produced
The first night organized baseball game
 was played in Independence, KS
The 1,046 foot (319meter) Chrysler Building in NYC, 
the tallest structure at the time, opened to the public
the First Nudist Colony opens
The Veterans Administration was created
Construction began on Boulder (Hoover) Dam
Betty Boop debuted in Max Fleischer's
 animated cartoon Dizzy Dishes


My Mom was born.

Lila Jean 1938

On Monday, Mom turns 80 years young!

1939  Members of the 4th grade class

See her in the 4th grade?
 She's the only one not looking at the camera.
(that's where I get my attentiveness)

Ladies Chorus  1952
She was a lovely soprano! 
(that's where I got my singing voice)

In 1951 she married my Dad and they had 5 children. 
The rest is history....
5 children, 7 grandchildren, 2 step-grandkids, 6 great-grandkids
and one spoiled maltese!!!

Happy 80th Mom!

Back in the day...
we had to wait until Mom's birthday to put up the Christmas tree!

I'm happy to report: the tree is up and decorated.
I'm having a birthday celebration for her tomorrow
(a winter storm blew us out today)
and we're having lunch in her honor!

Enjoy a great weekend,

Resources:  www.KClibrary.lonestar.edu 


med109 said...

Happy Birthday to Grandma! All of us in Colorado love you!

Verde Farm said...

Happy Birthday to Lisa’s Mom. What a wonderful tribute to her and I love the photos and clips. Enjoy the birthday celebration and tree :) Stay warm.

TJB said...

What a gorgeous Grandma from the day she was born to today! Im a VERY lucky grand-daughter!! Have a great celebration tomorrow and Monday. Sending lots of love from ND!

Karen said...

Lisa, wishing your mom a Very Happy Birthday! She looks so young for her age; I never would have thought she was 80.

Mimi said...

Happy 80th birthday to your beautiful mother, Lisa!

Sall's Country Life said...

I'll pass your messages along to her. If she can make it out here today, she'll be checking out the blog (wish we could get her a computer!!) Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

Sharon said...

A very Happy Birthday to your Mom, Lisa! She sure doesn't show her age at all. Love all the growing up pictures!

I hope you both have a lovely day!