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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mosaic of Memories


I don't know about you...
for me, Christmas was a MAGICAL time!!

I absolutely loved everything about it!

Well, mostly for Santa Claus to come.

 Childhood memories of Christmas are the best!

When I think back on how hard both of my parents 
had to work to make sure 5 kids all had presents....
it makes me sigh...


I just hope the smiles on our faces were 

They did a really great job of making my Christmas's memorable!!

It truly was "a wonderful life"

Santa looks like he's ready for a stiff drink,
I'm sure I just gave him a long list!

Make some happy memories this Christmas!

I will be linking this post up with "Mosaic Monday"
at Mary's "Little Red House" 
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Verde Farm said...

Lisa, Lisa, one of my favorite posts ever. I absolutely love old photos but these are just priceless. Look at yoru little sleeping cap and the tree trimming pictures with all that wonderful silver tinsel. I thought it was magical too--like fairy dust was sprinkled over everything that night. How wonderful that we have such great memories.
Hugs, Amy

Sharon said...

Those are some great Christmas time pictures, Lisa! It looks like your parents made every effort to make it all festive and wonderful for your family!

Donna said...

Or maybe Santa has already HAD his stiff drink! Your pictures are great! They bring back memories for me, as I am from a family of 5 kids, and grew up in the 60's as well! BTW, love your Golden!

barb said...

Looking at your pictures I am thinking "A Christmas Story". Someone is reminding me of Ralphie. b

Karen said...

Lisa, such wonderful memories you have shared here! I had a 'spring' horse too and nearly rode it into the ground. (I still have it, but I don't ride much anymore, lol.)

Your family looks so happy; what a tribute to your hard-working parents. Where did the time go?

Love this post!

Carol at Serendipity said...


I have been going through pictures the last few days to do just what you have done. Great job and thanks for sharing!


Betty said...

Hi Neighbor,
I love your post. I think old photos are priceless. My daughter is making everyone a DVD of the early years this year for Christmas gifts. Beautiful presentation.

Lorrie said...

What wonderful old photos. They're inspiring me to think about scanning in some of my own.

My Crafty Little Page said...

Ahhh Lisa - you are a lucky girl to have all these photos of Christmas Past. Blessings to your parents for taking pictures even with 5 kids! Loved every single picture. I did a post recently of Five Christmases from 1965 and I hope you enjoyed getting your pics together as much as I did! xoxo Nancy

Lisa RedWillow said...

You have such wonderful memories. I enjoyed your blog.


Snap said...

Wonderful photos and memories. Well done!

(I'm late visiting Mosaic Monday.)