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Monday, January 24, 2011

Beach Volleyball Anybody?

Enough, with the cold and snow!
Today my thermometer is reading
29 ...  30 degrees and climbing!!
The sun is out and I'm 
thinking about warm, sunny places...

I'm dreaming of the beaches
I have visited,
and thinking it's time 
for a return visit...

I wonder where I 
buried that swim suit??

Let's not get too crazy...

First I better shave my legs 
and get some exercise...
a lot of exercise!!

What are you dreaming of today?

{56 Days 'till Spring!!}


Before I head out to the beach, I'm linking up with Mary
Thanks Mary, for hosting!


Carol at Serendipity said...


Great post. I'd wait to come to Florida to go to the beach. It is too cold - I know not as cold as you are, but nevertheless cold.

Love your Beach mosaic.


Lesley said...

Lovely, makes me long for blue skies and sunshine!

Sharon said...

You're getting your "January Thaw"! Great, yes it does tease a bit and make you want to head for the beach! LOL!

Great old pictures, gotta love the bathing beauties!

barb said...

Better be ready to put on a bathing suit in 94 days, seester!
Now I wish I would have skipped that muffin at lunch, HELP...b

Jo said...

I for one am ready to pack it in and head south in search of sunshine and warm weather..

Shirleyanne said...

Amazing what a degree higher together with sunshine can make you wish for!
But enough snow I'm sure!

A lovely theme for your collage!
PS. Previous post, unbelievable temperature. I would also miss my things, comfort zones, if I was separated for awhile.

Hope it's a good week!

A Garden of Threads said...

Great post, love the vintage beach pictures.

Jeri ~ said...

Love the post and mosaic!!

Karen said...

Oh, just to think about swimming and summer makes me feel a little warmer! Can't wait! Glad your spirits have risen a little.