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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Chickens Are Jealous

This is a shout out from the Sall Farm Coop 
to the chicken branch over at Verde Farm....

You see those chickens at Verde Farm
have really got it goin' on.  It seems that
one day they all had a meeting and decided
they needed their own post on the farmer's blog.
Well, it was all quite civil,
 and the vote was cast...
before you know it, farmer's got them
complete with a specially 
designed blogger sign!!

our chickens have been cooped up (pardon the pun)
and holed up in 4 feet of snow over at our abandoned farm. 
Sall has gone in once a week to check on them,
feed and water them,
and I'm sure he talks to them while he's there
(he always does)
But, I told him not to breathe a word about
the Verde Farm chickens and their privileged life!
Sall agreed, we don't need any of that here!

Well, there must be a nosy messenger 
in the neighborhood!  A know-it-all hawk maybe, 
or a gossiping owl...someone has spilled the beans 
and now the Sall Farm chickens are pecked!!
Sall said they're giving him the cold shoulder,
and he over-heard them talking about
hitch-hiking to West Virginia!!

Good Grief, it's always something at the farm!
So, to appease the gang...
we told them we'd post some of their
pictures and send a shout out to those
lucky birds at Verde Farm!!

Sully, the rooster!
He's a handsome dude.

Sully keeps all the girls in line!

So, cluck, cluck to Sunny D and Plato and Charlotte...
good job on this week's chicken picks!
(maybe some day we'll all live in fancy coops like Tiffany's)

These are some vintage chickens displayed 
at our winter lodge.  Every time I look at them
I think about our chickens at home nested in the hay.

I hope everyone's happy now!

Cock-a-Doodle Doo,

note: to read Amy's post about the chicken revolt click on the high lighted links


Sharon said...

Sully is gorgeous! I suppose the chickens think you died or something, they haven't seen your face in quite a while now.

Char said...

I am in love with Sully and I want him. I would love some chicks and a rooster, what a wonderful life and your post is just as cute as can be.
Thank you so much for the visit, it's good to meet you. I am off to follow the flock, Char

A Garden of Threads said...

Handsome looking fella, glad he keeps the girls in line.

Karen said...

Lisa, what a fancy fellow Sully is! My six little hens are now officially jealous of your hens, as they have no rooster to keep them contented. (That's my fault, I love the looks of a fancy rooster, I just don't like their attitudes, lol.)

The 'girls' have been using Snowblower Trail for walks the last three days, it's good to see them out and about. Your flock is beautiful and I like your indoor flock too!

barb said...

I love those vintage chickens on the shelf! b

Verde Farm said...

Lisa, I am so sorry things have gotten out of hand up there too. I’ve been told there are some chicken telegrams going around and my group may be trying to stir an uprising. I’ve even heard they may be trying to get a facebook page to get the message out. I promise to meet with them and try to quail this thing. On the other hand--your feathered beauties warmed my heart and I love your vintage chickens too--I have to show those to Charlotte :)
Hugs, Amy