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Monday, January 17, 2011

Doggy Resort

Sall and I both love dogs!
Any kind of breed...they are all
wonderful, loyal, and faithful companions...
eager to please, always understanding
and ever-playful. 

All of the neighborhood dogs know and love us.
Which is probably why our neighbors
choose us to doggy-sit when they go on trips.

As long as Sall is around the dogs know they get 
to spend some time running and hunting!
Hold it, did you see that....


Sall had them all chasing in the corn 
up to their bellies in fluffy snow

Skeeter and Max came out first huffing and puffing,
wouldn't you know the three-legged yellow lab 
stayed in there the longest....

Buddy finally came out the opposite
end of the field! 

After a short sit down break, 
he was ready for more!

Skeeter (the black lab) is staying with us till March....
Buddy had to go home last night.
His head was low, his tail was lower,
I think he was disappointed his
vacation was so short!

Max on the other hand was happy
to see him go....
he's so jealous and likes
having Ma and Pa 
all to himself!!

Hope you are snuggled in
 with your B.F.F at your side.


Sharon said...

Wow, your snow is DEEP! The dogs seem to really love it! Going in a few minutes to snuggle with Jack and sleep!

barb said...

4-legged grandchildren huh? I'm remembering how much our springer spaniels loved the snow... they hopped liked bunnys in the deep snow and could smell a mouse under two feet of it. Your pictures keep getting better and better.b

Verde Farm said...

Oh Lisa, they are all adorable. The snow is soooooo deep. I just can’t imagine. What fun they had out there running around. I know you all are the doggie ski resort :) Stay warm, Amy

Karen said...

Lisa, I'm not sure who has more snow now, you or us, but I bet it's close to the same. My dogs love to romp in the snow too, but being Shih Tzu they sometimes completely disappear, but they always surface again! Love your pictures.

Debra said...

Oh wow, gorgeous photos! Thanks so much for sharing them. You've made me want to get outside to photograph our snow--now I just need some pretty dogs, though. :) Blessings, Debra