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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It seems that Mother Nature is doing
 her best at testing Sall and I.
With no clear road to travel, 
we are left here with nothing 
but will and tenacity to make it 
through another long winter!

With my bags packed, I'd love to be able to say "We're off to Florida",
but, unfortunately,
 our winter retreat is a little closer than that.

The good news is,
 we've found a great place to hang out
 for the duration of winter
and it's on a county road!!!
  That means we'll both be able to get to our jobs,
and the stress level can now get back to normal. Ha!

As brutal as it is, 
how could we leave this 
beautiful prairie?

I'm trading in my dancing shoes for some 
snow shoes and toughing it out.....

Spring will be here before we know it!

And we are all anxiously
awaiting the opening of the amaryllis!

Another day another sunrise....
now only 75 days till Spring!

Warm hugs,


Sharon said...

Hi Lisa,
Glad you found a place closer in and work drive available! This is one beasty of a Winter,and you need to be safe! It won't be long and Spring will be here!

Nancy said...

My Breck's amaryllis bloomed way before Christmas and just pooped out. I have another bulb that I planted at the same time, from a lesser nursery, and it's just opening up too!

Love your photos -- especially Kitty in the suitcase. Just too darn cute! :)

TJB said...
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TJB said...

Florida? Did you mention Florida?! I will meet on the deck of Margaritaville!! But only one margarita is allowed before we go ride the Hulk and Harry Potter rollercoasters and then go get soaked on Popeye! Less then 120 days and I will see you there!!! :)

Toni-Shaklee Distributor said...

Hang in there... So glad that you have the county road to rely on!

Love the photo of the cat in the suit case! Ah... the life of a cat!

Toni.... in northern Wyoming.

barb said...

Those are some great photos! You better be able to blog where you're going. Oh! It will be mean new photo opportunities. b

Shirleyanne said...

Some lovely photos Lisa.
Please you're now able to get to work despite all the snow!
I also have an Amaryllis growing, but nowhere near as tall as yours yet. Always a beautiful flower to watch growing after the xmas season.
Thank you for your lovely commments you left on my blog.
Kind Regards

Karen said...

Lisa! Such snow! Where are you going to stay? We used to have problems like that too with snowstorms here, we wouldn't get plowed out for sometimes up to three days here on our little back road. We are only a mile from the county road, but the plows were too busy keeping the main roads open to bother with the side roads. Sometimes we'd get desperate, especially when we were dairy farming and needed to get the milk truck in to pick up the milk--and take the tractor and plow a little trail which would then promptly drift shut. Oh, how I can relate to what you are going through! I hope you can get home more easily before spring. You have such a positive attitude!

Verde Farm said...

You’re right--who would want to leave that beautiful scene. Glad you can get to work-I am sure it is stressful not being able to get there. The kitties seem very safe, warm and secure and I am glad you all are too :) Bring on spring!

E. Charlotte said...

What beautiful winter photos! :)

Thank you for visiting my blog! Your spot here is wonderful. I'll definitely return! :)