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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh Happy Day...An Award!!!

And I am accepting it proudly!

{I've often seen these awards on other blogs
and wondered how they worked??}

Thanks to Teresa at 
for giving me my first award!

Talk about stylish, this lady and her
blog are stylin!! Visit her blog and you'll see
pictures of her beautiful home and charming 
southern lifestyle.

 Here is how the award works:
1. Thank and link back to the person/persons who awarded you.-  Thanks Teresa!
2. Tell seven things about your self.
3. Award fifteen recently discovered bloggers with the award.
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

and now for 7 things about me (I guess nothing good ever comes without some work involved)
1. I love dogs and cats and treat ours like they are my kids.
        (the result of never having kids of my own, I guess)
2. I've been blessed with 2 grown step-children and now 3 grand-kids, and ultimately
        prefer grand-parenthood over parenthood!!
3. I would love to take a course in photography and now feel that I should have stayed in college
        and pursued a career in computer arts. (Who knew the possibilities back in 1980?)
4. I have traveled all across the United States, but always love to come home.
5. I could have been a professional organizer, "everything in it's place" is ingrained in my spirit
6. The only thing I can cook is Mac and Cheese (from a box), but I can bake a decent cookie.
7. My terrific husband makes me laugh every day and makes my life fun!

And now for 15 worthy, talented, inspirational blogs....Congratulations!

1.   Mary at http://bigoaksfarm.blogspot.com/
2.  Kate at http://chroniclesofacountrygirl.blogspot.com/
3.  Mrs. Cozy at http://cozyhomechronicles.blogspot.com/
4.  Cindy at http://customcomforts.blogspot.com/
5.   http://fadedplains.blogspot.com/
6.  Daph at http://flipflopsandpearlsgirl.blogspot.com/
7.  Jen at http://agardenofthreads.blogspot.com/
8.  Linda at http://itsy-bits-and-pieces.blogspot.com/
9.  Jackie at http://jackieinsurrey.blogspot.com/
10.Julia at  http://ju-north.blogspot.com/
11.Suzy at http://justsimplesomethings.blogspot.com/
12.Judith at http://lavendercottagegardening.blogspot.com/
14.Cielo at http://houseinroses.blogspot.com/
15.Carol at http://carol-serendipity.blogspot.com/

I hope you have time to visit all of these lovely blogs, if so you will find why I think they are worthy of an award. As they keep me inspired and tuned in daily!  Thanks again to Teresa at Our Southern Country Home and Farm. I have been so lucky to find so many encouraging and friendly folks out there in blog land, and am so appreciative of all the kind comments.
Here's to an award-winning day....
All My Love,


Sharon said...

Congratulations! It's an honor for you! You have made so many new friends!

Have a great evening!

Sall's Country Life said...

Thank you Sharon! You are so sweet for always responding and commenting, Bless You and have a great weekend!!

Country Girl said...

Thank you. I had no idea I was stylin' ~ ~ ~

Suzy said...

Thanks so much Lisa for thinkin' of my blog for this award!!

Jackie said...

Thank you very much for thinking of me for the award but I do not accept them on my blog. That sounds very ungrateful and I am not it is a lovely gesture, thank you very much.

I love blogging, it is my diary on my PC and it has helped me make a lot of friends and learn about other peoples lives and talents. Whoever though I would meet a pickle farmer ;-))

Bless you, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

Sall's Country Life said...

Hey Jackie, I'm perfectly fine with not accepting any awards and do not consider you ungrateful at all!! I tried to be careful not to give it to anybody that was an award free blogger. I know that your blog is a more personal one and I hesitated, but hope you'll accept the compliment, as I enjoy visiting with you so much! This pickle farmer is grateful for all the sight-seeing trips around Surrey!! Ha! Hope you're enjoying your Sunday with a cup of tea. Lisa

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Lisa
A little late in getting over to say thanks for thinging of me for a blog award. I just took my 'tag & award free' button off to add an invitation for tea instead. :-)
I will decline to participate but enjoy your visits and it's the thought that counts.

Linda said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for thinking of me! It was fun to learn more about you! XO

Teresa said...

Thanks Lisa! It means a lot to me to recieve the award!
I enjoyed your seven things, and wish I could steal some of your professional organizer skills! My house is in a bit of chaos after the holidays!
Thanks again, Lisa.