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Monday, January 31, 2011

Signs of Spring in South Dakota

Can it really be the last day of January??

It always feels so good 
to have January behind us!!
  February can be a real bummer
sometimes too, but at least it's short
and it has Valentine's day in the middle of it!
It's no doubt my Spring fever has me overcome,
and it doesn't help when I see blogs with pictures
of blossoming trees in Florida and baby chicks too!!
There is no clear signs of spring here yet....

Unfortunately just more snow!

This is South Dakota,
and usually my first sign of spring 
is this.....

I grew up in a house that had to be cleaned every Saturday!
"Saturday Cleaning"- I can still hear my Mother's voice.
while other kids were watching Saturday
morning cartoons, I was dusting!!
It was such a drag.
To this day, if I see a bottle of Pledge
on Saturday I start shaking!

So as soon as I had my own house,
I "pledged" to never do cleaning on Saturday!!


Although, my mother may have
traumatized her daughters with 
the "Saturday Cleaning" thing.
We all still do the traditional 
"Spring Cleaning"
(one sister does her's in the Fall, she
always was the stubborn one)

One thing we all agree on...
there's nothing better than open windows,
fresh sheets, and a Spring clean house!

Today, I've decided to put out
an A.P.B. for this lady....

At the end of the month Hazel and I 
will be busy as bees when we get 
back to the farm....

If I were there right now, I could be 
cleaning out cupboards and closets
and having a good time just doing 
some preliminary work before
the real cleaning begins!

When it's all said and done 
the rewards are

not my house, but a clean one that I wish was mine!

Daisy fresh sheets! mmmmm!

You know the old saying...
Cleanliness is next to Godliness!!
I'm not sure the true origin of that phrase, 
but I'm pretty sure it was the same 
person that invented spring cleaning!

49 days until Spring!
Happy Mosaic Monday,

Now I'm hopping over to Mary's Little Red House
to see what other's have created today!


Eileen @ My Evergreen Place said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I too love hanging sheets on the line! In fact, because of our mild winter, I hung my sheets out twice last week. Love it! :0)

E. Charlotte said...

I am still on the fence about Spring right now. We got fresh inches of snow yesterday and I'm OK with it so far. At the same time, I wouldn't mind if tomorrow warmed up and the tulips started growing. :) I could go either way! I am excited to get the house cleaned up though. I was always a fan of Spring Cleaning. :D

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

I'm with ya on this spring stuff. I can't wait. It was in the 70's here the other day so I washed our sheets and hung them out to dry. The smell that night was absolutely heavenly!! I also opened the windows and let the house air out, but I didn't clean. :)

Maggie said...

Visiting you for the first time today thru Mosaic Monday.
Fab mosaics, make me want to reach for the dusters right now! No. not really!

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Lisa, not sure about the Spring cleaning thing, I like to drag it out over 12 months....lol.

But I do remember the Saturday cleaning thing as a kid. I would be lying in bed reading a good book and I would hear mum thundering up and down the corridor taking washing to the laundry. Very soon she would be wanting the sheets on my bed, so no lying in any longer.

Funny you're on the countdown to Spring, I'm on the same countdown but to Winter. It's going to be 41 C./105F. here today, bit worried I'll turn into a puddle of perspiration........

Claire :}

Sharon said...

Poor Lisa,
That cabin fever is really getting to you! Sigh.........

Pondside said...

Only 49 days??? I want it now!

barb said...

Don't know what was worse...Saturday cleaning or Mr. Anshutz government class? Both pure torture. b

Karen said...

Lisa, I could sure use your enthusiasm for cleaning...Saturday or ANY day, for that matter! If I could clean outside, that would be great, but unfortunately, my housework is indoors. I used to clean every Friday morning early, right up until noon, but somehow or other got out of the habit once the boys grew up. Now I clean here and there on a daily basis, but never enough.

I could hang my sheets on the line, but they'd freeze and be lying in snowbanks. It's snowing here again tonight, so much for my trails.

Love your mosaics; you have such talent!

joey said...

Reminds me of my home growing up :) I hated spring cleaning ... I try to keep up with all seasonal cleaning daily but my Mother's words still haunt me ... "Your home is only as clean as its dirtiest corner!"