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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snowy Walks

We've been inside all day....
"Let's go see if there's any birds around."

All we had to say to Max was "let's go"

and he was at the door waiting for us to gear up.

The south-east wind made 
the walk down the driveway very cold.
 I was wishing I had my sunglasses
 just for eye protection.
It felt like my contacts were freezing to my eyelids!

Max kept looking back at us like we were 
a couple of slow pokes.

Then he saw a mouse running over the snow.

Max hasn't had a good hunt in for 10 days now.

It was funny how even the chance to retrieve a
little mouse made his day!
We got some fresh air,
Max got to chase a mouse, 
everybody's good.

Hope you got out and had a little fun today!


Sharon said...

Brrrr! Taking a walk for fun when it's so cold your contacts feel like they are freezing to your eyelids? Are you okay, Girl?

Max, the mighty hunter, did he catch the mouse or just give chase? Either way, I'm sure he was tickled!

Stay warm now!

Karen said...

Hi Lisa, I had a nice walk with my dogs this afternoon, too. They were so glad to get out, and so was I! I went x-country skiing earlier this morning and saw mouse tracks all over the place...or are they voles?...either way, they're plentiful. I hope Max was successful!

Verde Farm said...

Looks like a wonderful walk today. Glad Max got some excitement to tide him over a bit too. It’s so hard being cooped up. I’ve been in all weekend due to the low temps--I can’t stand it another day!! :)

Casey said...

Love getting out in the snow with the dogs, eh? Those are some pretty pics. And then a golden nearly always takes a good photo!

Stay warm!

Jackie said...

Goodness, that is some cold and snow!!!I expect the grand children like it with building snowmen and tobogganing and sledging.

Stay warm and safe, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

a picket fence life said...

The photos on your blog are amazing! The ones of your dog remind me of my dog. He's always poking his head in the snow like he's on the hunt!