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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stir Crazy

Seventeen nights and 18 days away from my farm...

Missing it all so much, I'm beginning to think
my memory is failing me and that maybe
It was all just a fairy tale????

Last night it got down to 18 below,
our little farm just gets farther and farther away
as the snow keeps piling up around it!
How long will it take for the snow to melt off of our road?
Or will the neighbor ever get to it with a snow-blower?
Actually, we probably have a better chance just 
letting the sun do it's thing!

The wind keeps howling, the snow keeps coming,
when will it ever stop!!???

The longer we are away, the more we miss our stuff!

Sall could be working on some stained glass,
if he had his stuff....
I could be organizing all of our photos if I had them here!
I'd be crocheting around a blanket if I had my crochet needle...
and on and on...
we miss our stuff!!

It's a brutal walk in, to get our stuff...
a half mile in...a half mile back out,
but we've done it 5 times between the two of us!

Pulling a sled, one load at a time!

When (it ever happens) we can 
move back home....
we may need to rent a uhaul!

Now, I am not sharing all of this 
to bring on sympathy!  
I'm merely venting here...
because, quite frankly,
my feathers are getting ruffled
and this prairie girl is going stir-crazy

Does anyone have Mother Nature's email address,
so I can have a chat with her?

Have a happy day, dear friends!


Sharon said...

Nothing creative to do and horrid weather, what a nasty combo! At least you don't have to use a privy or haul your water! Maybe you could write a story? Do some yoga? Bake some cookies? Play strip poker with Sall? I know you have to be bored out of your skull and Cabin Fever is nothing to make light of - remember "The Shining"?

Karen said...

Lisa, I cannot imagine what it must be like to be stranded from home. Is your place on a dead end road or do you have a really long driveway? Amd one more nosy question, is your area having a record-breaking snow fall this year?

We used to get snowed in like that too when this road was a one lane dirt track and the town didn't feel like plowing us out until they got around to it. Once they rebuilt and paved the road thirty years ago, things improved a lot and now they seem to plow the road whenever a snowflake hits the pavement, which is nice.

We're so lucky to have my dad's farm tractors yet for plowing here and at my 90 yr. old mother's house a quarter mile away. (I can relate to the trek to your place, since I walk to Mom's every day!) There's times I can't get through the drifts with the snowblower once that snow gets real hard from the cold and drifting.

I hope you're staying warm--this weather can't last forever!

barb said...

What a winter we're having. Mr. B. has to snow-blow us in? On the bright side the Packers just won the football game. Not a footballer myself, but Mr. b and the daughter are pretty happy about it. b