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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keeping a Sunny Perspective

This morning we woke up 
to 12 Below!
no, not 12 eggs short,
no, not 12 gallons below empty,
no, not 12 feet under (thank goodness)....
12 Degrees Below ZERO!!
Brrrrr, it's cold out!
And our lodge is getting colder every day.
So cold, I broke down and called
the company # on the thermostat.
I explained all of the conditions, and
simply wanted to know if I'm
not setting this thing right and why 
is it getting colder and colder in here?
Come to find out when it's really cold out
a heat pump can't keep up, and the 
technician really didn't understand
why anyone in South Dakota would
install a heat pump!
I guess the boys really weren't
planning on being at camp during the
cold winter months, so I'll give'em
a pass on this one, but I am wondering
if they could send me some warm 
Black Hills air please!!!

At least the sun is shining today, 
and I am posting some sunny shots 
of my wintry surroundings.

No matter what, I try to keep a happy perspective...
the glass is half full, right????

They're not melting yet, 
but, there are icicles...
that's a good start!!

One more day of winter behind us,
 Now 60 days till Spring!

Thinking Warm Thoughts....
Have a great Wednesday, my friends!


Sharon said...

Lovely sunset!

You don't have heat strips in your central? A heat pump only works down to a certain temperature, like 40 something, after that the heat strips need to kick in. Ours aren't doing a good job this year, maybe need to be checked? We usually don't get near as cold as that - but we have. Sounds like a real cold batch is coming our way.

Max looks happy! How about taking him to bed to keep you warm? We often have a 2 dog night!

Karen said...

Hi Lisa, Oh, I hope you stay warm tonight! We have a geothermal heat pump, and I hope it keeps going, because it is getting cold here, too. How much firewood do you have left? Leave it to you to find the bright side of this with your beautiful photography! I'm thinking of you tonight, hope you were able to get something rigged up to keep you warm. (I could send you my CRAP machine but it only blows cold air.)

Carol at Serendipity said...

I hope you are getting warmer and the temperature warms up. I vote for the dog in bed. Beautiful pictures of the snow.


TJB said...

-12??? Thats nothing!! Our high yesterday was -16 degrees. Right now weatherbug says it is 8.6 degrees but there is a windchill warning out. How did they ever make it with sod houses and horse carriages to get places???
Stay warm and think Florida thoughts. :)