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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why Did the Prairie Chicken Cross the Road?

Our winter retreat is smack dab in the middle
 of an upland game bird's sanctuary!  
At any given time of day I can look out any window 
and see either a pheasant, grouse, or prairie chicken
popping up and flying either into the corn
or into the trees.  I've tried going out and capturing
them with my camera, but they are too flighty and 
I'm too much of light weight to endure the cold winds!!

I got this shot from my car window!
This is a large flock of prairie chickens
hanging out in the tree tops.

There are some birds flying in this picture and two
roosters picking in the corn field.

Everything they need is in this little area and
across the road at the old Clark place!

Food, shelter, and friends....
what more does anyone need?

I'm glad you braved the elements
and crossed the road to see me today!


Sharon said...

Oh, Lisa, that looks so cold and desolate! Great pictures though!

Jackie said...

Wonderful photographs love the framing, makes them more atmospheric!! Jackie in Surrey, UK.