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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dinner at Camp

Since we've been re-located to hunting camp
for the winter, I haven't had a chance to 
take part in the Tablescape Thursday meme

It's not that we haven't been eating here at camp,
but, that we've been eating on a lot of paper plates!
{Oh, to be honest, we do that a lot when we're
at home too ~ I hate doing dishes.}
I just didn't pack any of our dishes, knowing camp is fully stocked
with both real plates and paper ones,
 silverware, cookware, the works.
In fact, some of the best meals I've ever eaten have
been served up right here at camp when the resident
cook is running the show!     
Between him and his Magnalite cookware,
Roast Pheasant just doesn't get any better, ANYWHERE!!

Sall's been doing a great job with the cooking and grilling.
His steaks and chops are always just the way I like them.
 One night he cooked walleye which was fabulous!

I'm usually in charge of the potatoes, 
 (because I'm really good at boiling water)
and setting the table....

So this week we're inviting you over
for some real camp food...Sall style!
That means nothing fancy, but still delicious....

Today it's a pot of chili.
We make our chili a little on the spicy side,
with home-grown tomatoes and 
home-grown beef!!

I got real adventurous and made a pan of corn bread too!

We like to sit at the bar...

We usually reserve a spot 
under the prairie chicken and grouse.
(don't worry they're house trained)

Grab a stool and sit up to this awesome hand crafted bar!

  In between building log homes,
 one of the hunters and a friend made this one
 out of a huge cedar tree
from the sand hills of Nebraska.

The perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail
or a nice glass of wine before dinner....

Or, if you prefer a chilled brew...
of course, most of the glasses
are adorned with a pheasant
or some other hunted game.

Sorry, no flowery centerpiece, 
just a friendly pheasant!

No fancy dinnerware at camp...

These enamel plates are the perfect choice!

I grabbed these placemats, napkins, 
and chicken napkin rings from home 
(on our last trip in)!

Dang, I forgot to grab the bowls
to match the plates!!
Oh well...

None of the silverware matches...

It'll be okay if the bowls don't match either!

As long as there's enough to eat, what else matters?

Thanks for joining us!
Y'all come back soon now....

I haven't been back since Thanksgiving, but this week I'm
joining the tablescape fun over at Between Naps On the Porch.
Be sure to check the other great tablescapes over there!


Karen said...

No need to worry about the tablesetting not matching, ours don't at all, shhhhh....don't tell anyone. I'm such a crude housekeeper, nothing matches, not even our chairs. But as you said, as long as the food is good and plentiful, that's all that counts! Looks like a meal and table set for a king. I'm glad you're staying warm!

Sharon said...

Lots of pots and pans, would be a wonderful place for me! (I wouldn't have to wash up for a week! LOL!)

It's a nice cabin, very masculine! It should be that way, although a lot of women hunt.

Save me a bowl of that Chili now!

heyBJK said...

Wow! Looks fantastic! My kinda place!

barb said...

Just stopped by and loved what I saw. It's like going places without leaving home. Awesome pictures. b

Sharon Haynie said...

Love your table and I'm sure your guest do too! IMHO-it's not that everything matches, it's the love that goes into the meal that makes it great. You've done a terrific job today, thanks for coming back!

City Sister said...

It's perfect for a hunting cabin...It looks nice and cozy.

Marigene said...

Fabulous...looks like a very warm, cozy cabin.

Casey said...

Sweet set-up! I'm gonna show this to my wife...So she'll understand what I want - sometimes I don't articulate myself well enough. But this post will do!

m'lin said...

Love this. I decorate with pheasants also. Where did you find the pheasant wine glasses & platter. Would love to get some.
thanks melin54@sbcglobal.net

Entertaining Women said...

Well, I have a million questions....do you hunt, too? How long do you stay at the hunting camp? How many are there at a time? Do you love it, or do you mainly love your husband? This is all magnificent! Thank you for sharing your marvelous design. Cherry Kay