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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Farm Friend Friday

One of my favorite blogging friends is 
hosting a brand new Linky party!  
Amy, over at Verde Farm has some 
nifty ideas and a super cute blog!
Although, her timing has caught me totally off kilter this week
(as my husband just sprung it on me that we are
hosting the superbowl party this weekend - and 
I'm supposed to be on full time nanny duty to four
super-young and wild children also this weekend!)
Oh well, I just love parties and will just have to 
step it up a little!!

So, for my inaugural F.F. Friday post
I will start by introducing us
(the Sall's) 
 and show-and-tell a little 
about our Country Life....

We are a pretty fun bunch....
Sall (my hubby) and I (head writer for the blog)
have two grown up kids with families of their own.
A son and daughter, both talented artists both married
to talented artists!!  All living in Kansas City at the present time,
but that changes often as they are all young and still
figuring out where to build their nests!

We all love the great outdoors and all
claim South Dakota as home, as that 
is where our roots are!

Where ever the kids go, Grandma and Grandpa
go there to visit.  The dream is that we all
end up together in a village in New Mexico,
doing art, raising grand-kids and staying warm.
Well, maybe that's grandma's dream, but doesn't it sound nice?

Anyway, back here in South Dakota 
Sall and I have a small acreage in the middle
of farm country.  We are surrounded by huge 
fields that produce corn, wheat, and soy beans.
We use our 10 acres to produce vegetables such as:
tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, onions, potatoes,
garlic, dill, herbs, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins
well, just about everything you can grow in a garden.
We love gardening!!
We even started marketing our own line of Dill Pickles!


For the last 4 years we've been
producing them commercially and selling them to stores
in South Dakota and online all over the U.S.
 "the best pickle you'll ever try" is grown and produced 
right here folks!!

Well, that's it in a nutshell
(a very tiny nutshell)
thanks, Amy,for hosting Farm Friends Friday!
I can't wait for the snow to melt and get back
to seeing things turning green and growing again.
For now, all I can post is pictures of snow and cold....

the garden is in it's hibernation state
and the only thing growing is snow-pickles....

In the spring....
Sully, our rooster, will come out of his
coop and inspect the yard and garden
and give us all his 
"cock-a-doodle-doo" approval
that it's time to get busy and start tilling and planting again!

Once again we will work tirelessly to grow 
beautiful flowers and vegetables,
keep the weeds pulled, and the lawns cut....

Sall and I will take our breaks on the front porch
and talk about how lucky we are to 
have the prettiest and most peaceful spot  
this side of the Missouri!

I hope you will come back and visit
us often AND
visit all the other fun farm friends
sharing in the Verde Farm Friends

Have a great super-bowl weekend friends!


heyBJK said...

Is it bad that out of all the photos in this post the pickles caught my eye? LOL

My grandparents used to make pickles and they were soooo good!

Love the snow shots, too!

barb said...

I bet that snow pickle is zero calories! Gotta make me one of them, we sure have the ingredients for it here. b

Jennifer said...

Beautiful post... sound like a very sweet, lovin family. BTW I love your dream. Thats cool you all started your own pickle line... how to do keep your pickles crisp when cannin? I do buy store pickles anymore, I can ours but sometimes some of them dont stay crisp, I really dont like soggy pickles :)

texwisgirl said...

Hi! Came over from Verde Farm. My hubby does a lot of work in the Dakota areas (working with emergency services for the spring flooding). Love your little slice of heaven here. :)

Sharon said...

Good Morning Lisa!

You are not the only one dreaming about living in the Land of Enchantment!

That's some huge garden! The land there must be good!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi, I'm here from Verde Farm. Love your photos! I especially love looking at the flowers, seems like we'll never seem them again some days. We're still covered with snow from the blizzard here in mid-Missouri a few days ago and probably will be for some time. I can't wait for spring and flowers blooming! You have a beautiful place and I really like your blog. I'll bookmark and come back to read more. Take care, Cheryl

Karen said...

Lisa, what a cute post! I cannot imagine a ten acre vegetable garden, you must work SO hard on that. Your pickles look delicious; we put up about twenty quarts last year, this past summer with all the rain, we were lucky to get a dozen cucumbers total. Love the snow pickle!

Good luck with the Super Bowl thing this weekend, I'll be thinking of you.

Kim said...

Hello! Found your blog through Verde Farm, and so glad I did! I love your pics..your farm looks very cozy and peaceful. Thank you for letting us in the gate to take a peek. :)

Verde Farm said...

Oh Lisa--what a fabulous post. I just love your little Sal family--what a cute bunch you are. That barn is awesome too. So creative :) That snow pickle is amazing too-I saw a snow dinosaur on a blog last week, boy there are some creative folks out there. Our snowmen rarely have more than 3 balls, a scarf, twig arms and a carrot nose :) Your spring and summer pics--oh my, can’t wait! So glad you linked up today--how fun.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! I love that you have a line of dill pickles and a snow pickle! Look forward to coming back. Good luck with your busy weekend!

-Heidi said...

Haaaaahaha! Snow-pickles! Most excellent!


Judy said...

I totally love your snow pickle. You have a beautiful place.