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Friday, February 4, 2011

Game Weekend

On my way to town yesterday....
It was a calm and sunny day,
for a change.

I always slow down traveling by this
particular farm place...
the wildlife seem to love this spot!

The deer were taking advantage of a calm day too.
Maybe they were out getting their
super bowl party food too!

I wonder if they had to call 
the satellite company too?

Big screen t.v.   -    check.
Satellite  -  check.
Snacks  -  check.


Have a fun weekend, football fans!!


Sharon said...

Great pictures! Wow, you are still out in the middle of nowhere, aren't you?

Have a super good time watching the game! I will be hiding out - wishing I had shooter's muffs - while the game blares in the living room and DH is hollering at the refs, the players, etc.

Sall's Country Life said...

evening Sharon, Yes, we live in South Dakota...plenty of wide open spaces and friendly faces! I laughed at your shooter's muffs. The only reason we are having a party is that we are living at the guy's hunting camp. I'd be happily at home just blogging and hubby would be watching it with Max any other year! Our friends are huge packers fans, so it will be entertaining just watching them! Meanwhile, I'm a hired nanny for 3 little children all weekend. Sall will be hosting the party himself and if I can hire a part-time baby-sitter I will be there for a few quarters anyway. I'm already dreading the clean-up at camp after the party, just hope it doesn't look like the superdome after the game! Just another day in the life....

texwisgirl said...

Those deer are amazing! Never get to see any here at our place.

Karen said...

Wow, Lisa, the deer in your area are incredible! Around here they head for parts unknown to weather out the winter in the swamps. I have never seen that many deer all together ever here. You must have to drive extra-carefully after dark.

So, the satellite has arrived? Now they can watch the Super Bowl in style. I hope you don't end up cleaning up toooooo much...try to take a rest in there somewhere, though I don't know where with the nanny duties too. I'll be thinking of you.

Carol at Serendipity said...


Hope the Packers win. We are having just a very gathering (us). Spring is coming!