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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grandpa's Surprise

Little Wyatt and Little Zelda will be
 0ne year old this spring!!

Grandpa's been very busy....

Plotting and planning,
thinking and thinking....
He asked Wyatt's Dad.....
"If Wyatt were a tree,
 what kind of tree would he be...
Douglas Fir?"

and then out came the tools.

Max and I were clueless
getting a little concerned!

Grandpa's Surprise will be finished by 
February 26th!

Aren't Grandpas fun?

Hmmm, what kind of tree are you?
I'm a willow.

thanks for stopping by,


Sharon said...

Darling kids pictures! Of course Max is wonderful and "Grandpa" looks determined, you can see the wheels spinning in his mind!

I really don't know what kind of tree I am, I guess a main branch on the family tree. :-)

Casey said...

I've given thought to that question. If I were to invoke a tree into my personality, it would be from the poplar family. I love how their leaves seem to wave at you even in the slightest breeze!

Nice pics!

Karen said...

Great pictures, and I 'm most anxious to see what it is Grandpa is making. What fun! Love the picture of Max, especially, he really does look concerned.

barb said...

I don't know about Wyatt and Zelda, but I can't wait to see what's cooking in the ol'woodshop. Keep us posted Willow. b