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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Blues

Curses! And Frustration!
"Doggone it Cupid, just shoot me
with a 12 gauge
and wake me up when it' spring!"

Our HOME is still decorated for Christmas...
yep, you walk in the door and it's 
still Christmas!
I'll have to clear out a 4 foot drift of snow
to get at the storage room,
it better start melting soon!

And our refuge hunting lodge is not exactly 
a lover's retreat,(unless you're a couple
of hunting dogs)!

Couldn't I at least be on a 
beach somewhere riding out this awful winter?

I said it before...
I like my stuff!
I'm a die hard decorator...
decorating my home keeps me happy!
My home is my playground, 
and my playground is under 4 feet of snow
9 miles away along with all of my pretty valentine things 

this really sucks!  

Woe is Me,
(I just want to be HOME)

1 comment:

texwisgirl said...

Sounds like you are in dire need of an early spring melt! I think most of the country is!!!