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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Valentine Post

A short trip down memory lane....

Circa 1969

I was in Kindergarten....

I'm so glad my Mother and Sisters
helped me start this scrapbook!

I still have it.

And it is filled with Valentines
and Birthday cards
from all of my classmates!

The art project was a paper bag
with a giant heart on it with your name.

At the end of the day everybody
passed out Valentines with treats...

Fun memories that I've kept in my heart
and in this (old) scrapbook!!

Even the one I got from John???

We had a couple of Johns in our class?
I hope it isn't the one that
gave me a bloody nose
in the bus line?


Old friends...

Sweethearts Past and Present....

(sweethearts) Mom & Dad 1950

I hope cupid is spreading 
a little love around your house today
and always!!

Happy Valentines Day!


Sharon said...

I do envy you, your scrap book! What a treasure! How cute is that card from John, I hope he wasn't the one that gave you a bloody nose too!

How does it look on the home front? Any idea when you can get to move back home? How much snow do you have now?

texwisgirl said...

So cute. We must be about the same age as I would've been kindergartenish in 69 also. :)

Karen said...

Lisa, what a precious scrapbook to treasure. Isn't it fun to go back and reminisce?

I love the photo of your parents, they looked so happy.

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

Jackie said...

Good morning and a very happy Valentines day. I love the post and your memories with the photograph of your mum and dad!! What a great scrapbook to pass on down the family.
Jackie in Surrey, UK.