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Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Meltdown Part 2

Back home a week now...
Last Sunday we were moving home
by Wednesday our snow route
turned into 
"Road Under Water"
That's right,
we went from being snowed out
to flooded out in a matter of 3 days!
Well, it was just a close call...
Sall stayed home from work one day
we weren't sure how bad it was going to get
or should I say how high the water was going to get.
That night things froze up and slowed the melting process.
Thank goodness for freezing temps! Ha Ha!

We took a walk to our back trees...
remember, where the deer was eaten by coyotes?

Unless they're good swimmers, 
there's no coyotes there now....

The creek runneth over and the entire
tree grove is flooded....

It comes into our property from the south,
through the trees and out to the north...
into the neighbors cornfield where all 
the ducks and geese land on their journey north.

When the road started to go under
water, our flooding concerns started
to brew.  There was no plan C for 
moving to higher ground (we just got home)
and there's a waiting period 
for flood insurance to be effective!
All of this and I forgot to mention the baseball
size rock that hit Sall's truck
windshield on Tuesday!!  Yes, he thought
he'd been shot at!  Glass shards in his hands
and in his lap.  It hit the windshield right at eye level!!
We really didn't need any more bad news
the March Meltdown saga continues
hopefully, from here on out
it will just be snow melting down
and not our spirits!



This past nine days
our lives changed again...
Sall and I, I mean...
as hectic as life can be
trying to stay ahead of it all
whether "it" being 
a blizzard, a flood, the flu,
an overdraft, or rising gas prices...
We can deal with most of life's 
curves and are fortunate in many, many ways.
As we loaded up our 2 vehicles with 
what we consider our necessities:
pets, food, clothes, computer...
I could not stop thinking about 
the poor victims of the Japan Tsunami.
And how they must feel...
I can NOT even imagine
the loss, emptiness, loneliness, hopelessness!
Our lives can be so insignificant some times...
snuffed out in a heart beat,
wiped out in an instant by the force of nature.
Change for me and Sall this week 
is about a nine mile difference in scenery!
Change for the people of Japan this week 
would be like moving to the moon.
 And so, part of my depression this
past week (other than dealing with
flooding issues, and moving back into 
a dirty old farmhouse)
was the constant t.v. news
reports on the earthquake.
Endless, sad, sad, stories
I was glued to it...
each new sad story - more tears.
Today, I pray for the lost, the displaced
the homeless, the injured, the survivors,
and the dead.
They are a strong culture
and with the help and 
humanitarian efforts put
forth by our country and others
they will survive and rebuild.
Our prayers and our resources
are needed at this time!
I'm sure, like me, every American
is giving whatever they can.



texwisgirl said...

True. Something as epic and devastating as what is occurring in Japan sure puts our worries into perspective (but I am sorry you're dealing with flooding!) Stay safe!

Sharon said...

Oh, all that water! Worse than the snow sometimes. I hope the warmer weather will finish up the melting and dry it up for you!

Your P.S. made for a great post by itself, I have turned off the news. I am not burying my head in the sand, I just can't listen to it anymore, the news media is having a field day.

A Rural Journal said...

My son is heading over to Japan with the Naval Reserves on Tuesday. Our country is doing its part to help.

Hope the water stays where it is. I truly do.

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

I hope your weather conditions cooperate with you guys:) Beautiful photos you took!

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos. Our weather did the same thing but now theres no snow or water were it shouldnt be and now its spring warmer temps and sun for now. Your post was great the Ps. was great and yes we all are feeling the hard times for those in Japan my heart goes out to all those poor people.