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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Spring Spectacle

It's a South Dakota
Spring Spectacle!

Massive amounts of snow
are melting...
creeks are temporarily rivers,
dams are temporarily lakes,
every ditch has water running through it
and guess what's here?

They are circling the skies 
coming in droves!

and ducks 
as far as the eye can see

The corn field on two sides of us
was littered with them last night.

We stood on the front porch and listened
It was amazing!
It sounded like loud machinery on all sides of us

So this morning, I put on a 
white camo outfit 
and drove north of our house
to get a closer look!

The noise of a million geese
is staggering...

they were real jumpy,
so I had to park the van 
and walk a ways to get as close as I could

they just kept coming and going

It was a breathtaking experience,
just me and the birds....

I sat there thinking
I could just sit here and 
watch this all day!

There was nobody at this abandoned farm
to disturb us.

They come and they go until someone 
gets jumpy and must send out a warning...
and then it happens
it was almost scary to me
when they all start flapping
and get up at once.


The sight and sound 
took my breath away!

I took it all in (I really couldn't get enough)
then I heard a gun shot in the distance
and then another, and that kinda freaked me out
me sitting here in a white suit and all!
I was sitting on pasture ground but next to the water
when I heard a loud crack in the ice
I decided it was time to head for the van.

I turned around to this 
beautiful sunrise
and decided 
this was a really 
good day!

Sending you a postcard from 
Sall Country,
Wish you were here!

Linking to Verde Farm's Farm Friend Friday
Enjoy some good ol' farm time fun and join us!!

Also, just found a fun new place to share photos,
check out Skywatch for some incredible sky shots!


texwisgirl said...

Wow this looks spectacular! I can only imagine the din of all those honks and wings. SO neat!!! I'm jealous!!!

Sharon said...

That is jaw-dropping awesome!!! I can just imagine being there! You lucky, you! Guns? Not hunting season!

barb said...

Gosh I love blogs! Your's was great today, thanks for sharing a little bit of your world. b

Jan n Jer said...

How awesome that must have been. I wonder..are the geese just passing through or arriving for a long stay!!!! Those are gret shots!

Michaele said...

Wonderful post! We see the same thing here in Nebraska, but I never am able to capture it like you have. It is certainly something to look forward to each year. Awesome!

TJB said...


Snap said...

Oh, wow! Amazing. I used to visit Bosque del Apache when I lived in New Mexico and one of the things I loved was the sound of all those birds. Memories!

Country Gal said...

Awesome photos. We have Geese all year here but what we get to see as a treat only two weeks a year are the Tundra swans flying over head and landing in the fields as they migrate at this time of year. Love your blog. Have a great day ! Spring tomorrow yippy!

A Rural Journal said...

That is incredible! That area must be smack-dab in the middle of their migration journey. Love the "slideshow" effect towards the end of the post. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are amazing. We've had a lot of geese around here, but nothing like that!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are amazing. We've had a lot of geese around here, but nothing like that!


Buttons said...

Incredible I love those shots. Thanks for the postcard. B

knapperbill said...

Amazing photos! I can't imagine what that sounded like. I see snow geese in there. I haven't seen any around our parts this year. Usually I only see one or two mixed in with the Canadians. Wonderful post!


Lisa said...

Stunning photos!

Verde Farm said...

Lisa, I’ve never seen a more amazing post anywhere. The pictures are gorgeous and the scene is magical and that’s an understatement. You captured it so beautifully. I had to get hubs up here to see it and he loved it too! So glad you shared this with FFF!
Hugs, Amy

Casey said...

Awesome photos! Love the pintails in the duck pics! Excellent job, and I'm envious!