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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here We Go Again

Yep, here we go again....
I got up this morning and checked our emails...
This is what our local weather station
is sending out today....

A major storm system is developing this morning across the upper plains with rain showers increasing around Sioux Falls and more snowfall to the west in the Black Hills.  Rain and snow will expand as the day continues, with the rain/snow line advancing between Pierre and Rapid City during the afternoon. 

There goes MY parade!




So much for raking and rolling in the grass,
I guess it'll be an indoor weekend (again)

On the POSITIVE side it will 
give me more time to
work on a new project or two!

(The trouble with idle time,
is that it gives me too much time
to dream up more projects!)

Hope the weather stays bright and cheery
where you are!

I'll be out dancing 
with my snow shovel.


texwisgirl said...

Sorry, but I chuckled a bit at your expense! My hubby is in N Dakota now to help with the flooding efforts at the Red River. So maybe the snow/freezing temps will slow up the flooding a bit... One can hope!

Country Gal said...

That sucks ! But the snow shouldnt stay long at all due to the ground being so warm now. Its nice and sunny and warm here in Ontario Canada which years ago Canada was known for its long winters and cold up till at least May, not any more and we Canadians no longer live in igloos lol Have a great day !

barb said...

haha! I recognize everyone of those faces from shopping this last weekend. And I can still hear them too.

Nancy said...

Oh no! If we get any more snow after the nice weather we've had, I'll be crying as well.

Hope it turns out to be nothing. :)

Sarah said...

Oh that stinks! It is gorgeous here today, but supposed to rain tomorrow then turn cold again.


Michaele said...

It's like spring is trying to download but keeps coming up with FAIL.

Sharon said...

That really does stink, you don't need to see snow again, that's for sure! Sigh.... Happy crafting!

knapperbill said...

Yuck! We've got bad weather coming too, but thank God it doesn't involve shovels. Good luck:)


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

What a long winter it has been.

Karen said...

Lisa, I hear you and sympathize completely, we're looking at much the same weather. You're right about the indoor projects-- good idea!

tina said...

Oh my I just posted a long comment and lost it all. That's what I get for being wordy. I just wanted to say I hope your projects are going well! Great attitude. I also hoped you found Blotanical. It is easy to find but I don't have a link to it. Did you know your profile is not linked to your blog? I found it odd since you have a blogspot url. Just thought I'd let you know. Your goldens are beautiful. Haven't met one I didn't like ever. Take care. tina