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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Memories From the Greenhouse

Plants arrived at the local greenhouse last week!
I think the day after they arrived
it snowed 2 inches...
the sun hasn't been out since
and the temps just keep dropping.

In the good ol' days the greenhouses
were open and selling like crazy in April!
 (Well,in Kansas!!)
In South Dakota we always had our
plants in by the first of May and hoped
for warm weather and some eager customers
 ready to start planting!

My grandparent's greenhouse in Lennox 
was the popular place to be in spring of the 1950's!

circa 1960
Mom with sister Rhonda and brother Dave in front of Grandpa Pete's Greenhouse

My parents started their own greenhouse 
back in the 60's when I was just
old enough to carry a sprinkling can.

I took over the family greenhouse and
expanded it in 1989 until 2007.

My mother and I ran a tight ship 
and had the prettiest spot in town....

those were some good times!

I'm thinking about my mom tonight,as she is in the hospital. 
May dreams of flowers and sunshine,
and good memories from the greenhouse
sustain her through a painful and trying journey,


texwisgirl said...

Oh, thoughts are with you and your mom. I loved your photos of the greenhouse. What a wonderful family effort full of beauty for your work! I hope your mom will be okay.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Neat photos and wonderful memories for you, I'm sure.
Praying for your mom.
Prayer of comfort and Peace for you and your family.

Karen said...

Lisa, My prayers go out for your mother, too. Your greenhouse was amazing; the plants looked so healthy. I can see why these are cherished memories. All my best to you.

Buttons said...

Lisa What a nice post. My prayers go out to you and your Mom. That is a very nice greenhouse. Good memories are what get us through these trying times. Take care. B

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing this nostalgic photos of your mother's greenhouse. She must have quite the green thumb.

I too hope that she will regain her health and you will be in my thoughts.

Country Gal said...

My prayers for your mum.
Wonderful memories and photos !
Hope you have a lovely Easter.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Wow, nice greenhouses!

I hope that things go well w/ your mom and she feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

What a nostalgic post. I hope your mother does well. Blessings.


Mel Cole said...

Wow, beautiful garden and nice nostalgia. Been busy for Easter. Sorry for my late visit but my post is not late :) Hope you can visit my Fertilizer Friday here.

Patrice said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog today and I followed you. This post was good and I appreciate it since I run the greenhouse on our farm. So sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she is better soon.

You're probably quite busy with your mom in the hospital, but when you get some spare time, I'd love it if you'd come visit my blog.

LifeBelowZero said...

Following via Flaunt Your Flowers
Thanks for the inspiration!
Life Below Zero