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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Road Trippin' and New Friends

Our snow is melted now 
(except for the big piles in the shade
of the tree groves)
Temperatures have been creeping upward slowly.
It's shaping up to be a nice spring here finally!
On our visit to West River (The Black Hills)
we saw buds on the aspen trees 
and even tulip bulbs coming out of the ground.
Signs of spring all around...
and such a welcome sight to see!

Prairie dogs were out and about enjoying spring too...
I wonder if they've called their cousin, 
the ground hog, and told him 
what a fool he was this year!??

Pronghorns out grazing....

On our tour through Custer State Park 
it seemed that pretty much all of the wildlife
came out to give us a pretty nice show.
Although everybody stayed busy with their
noses to the ground grazing...
The most friendly were 
the burros....

they would hang out in the middle of 
the road (like a gang of banditos)
Not willing to let us pass
without a little socializing!

"Hey, Roll down this window
I want to know where you're from!"

After a lengthy conversation,
we knew everything about each other...
history, kid's names, grandma's names,
and what we all plan to do if we retire!

I told them about our blog and they were
happy to pose for several pictures to share!

Those friendly burros just
wouldn't let us go!
We finally had to make up
some excuse about 
meeting someone soon
and had to run.

We said our good byes and down 
the road we went!

I hope you all will get to the park some day soon!
Stop and visit with the burrows, please!
They seem so lonesome (or just nosy)!

Have a wonderful weekend,
take a little road trip and enjoy the scenery!

Jeesh, I almost forgot It's Farm Friend Friday
I'm adding a link to Verde Farm
and Dandelion house so you
can easily click over there and 
catch up with some fun farmers who blog.


ju-north said...

A great trip! Wish I had been there!

Jackie said...

Perhaps we can fly on the same plane Julia from the UK !! I would like to see all that Sall saw but I would also like to know more about the prairie dogs, do they live in the ground like moles?
Pleased to hear your weather is warming up and the snow is almost gone. Have a great weekend, Jackie in UK.

texwisgirl said...

The burros are precious! Love the prairie dogs too. Thanks for sharing your trip - and glad you're getting some spring finally!

Lauren said...

I want to take one of those burros home! They are so shaggy and adorable.

Love your pictures!

P.S. Found you on Farm Friend Friday.
Thanks for sharing!

thecrazysheeplady said...


Patrice said...

Love the burros!

farmer said...

That first picture of the burro is absolutely amazing! The color's are so perfect,dreamy.

Leontien said...

Ohh i would take some home too! Lovely pics!


gowestferalwoman said...

you got burros when you went there? we got buffalo - never again do i want to drive through a herd of buffalo...They have really big scary heads with this rolly eye thing they do, and they stare...and stare...and snort... I think I would rather see them in tiny packages in the freezer section next time...

I like your burro pictures better!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great road trip. Your pictures are just beautiful! Loved reading about your conversation with the burros!


Millie said...

What? No wild roaming goats?