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Monday, April 4, 2011

Road Trippin' Good Time

So, Friday morning we all woke
at the crack of dawn to head out
on a little road trip across the state.

The dogs put on their game faces,
(as long as they get to ride along they're happy)

We headed west!

Steve and I can't count how many 
times we've made this jaunt!

As kids, Mom and Dad took us 
to the hills many,many times!

Now I'm 46, and it still
never gets old!....

There's plenty of fun things to do
on the 5 hour ride...
just counting the signs to 
Wall Drug keeps you occupied!

Museums and Prairie Town exhibits....

People and their pets
walking across the prairie :)

We stayed on the trail
passing by a lot...

I could not stop thinking 
about the wonderful donuts
at Wall Drug!

One thing's for sure!
We're stopping for donuts!

Since we weren't in any big hurry,
we decided to take the scenic route
through the Badlands.
WOW, what an incredible ride!

I highly recommend it....

 With scenic overlooks all through 
the park, it's a "must" to stop and 
enjoy the view!

We stopped at several places and I took 
hundreds of pictures....

then I started dreaming about 
those donuts again...

it was getting close to lunch time!!

Not too far out of the
Badlands National Park is 
the World famous Wall Drug....
Their signs are located all over 
the world.
Raise your hand, if you've ever
seen one in your neck of the woods!

Inside you can see everything from 
books about the old west to jewelry made 
from turquoise and gold from the Black Hills.
Their claim to fame was the free ice water
they advertised to travelers across the state.
You can literally spend hours looking around,
but I had just one thing on my mind!

And there they were, just waiting for us!!!

We grabbed up two of the best maple 
frosted donuts in the country...

looked around a little more...

We had to stop and admire this beautiful
 stained glass mural of the badlands
 (made by Sall's cousin)
 installed over the main entrance.

As kids, we couldn't leave 
without riding the bucking bronco!
But I think he was retired
many years ago after 
being rode by about a million
want-to-be cowboys
(and cowgirls)....

Finally, what I had been waiting for...
even now my mouth 
is watering and wish I
had bought a dozen more!!

We filled up on donuts and continued 
the trip west...

I took around 500 photos in 3 days...
come back tomorrow
I have plenty more to share!

I'm linking with Mary at The Little Red House
 Grab some coffee and a donut and join us!


texwisgirl said...

i remember that drive into the badlands and seeing 4200 wall drug signs along the way! :)

Sharon said...

The Badlands have not changed in the last 50 years or so, since the first time we went through there. Beautiful place! Yes, I remember the signs well, lol!

Country Gal said...

Love your photos, the one in the dessert , people and their pets made me giggle. I am only 45 and some things for me never get old either. Glad you had a great time.

Lavender Cottage said...

Beautiful scenery, just love the dinosaur.
Those donuts do look good. :-)

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

What fabulous photos!! And now I want a maple donut, darn it!

Deb said...

love the stained glass window mosaic!

Kit said...

Oh my! Does your little trip take me back. When my Mother and I came out West from New Jersey to look for land in Montana, we stopped here. I loved it! Your picts of the Badlands are lovely. Kit

Buttons said...

Thank you I really needed a great trip I love the badlands.Excellent. B

barb said...

save some room on your camera card for Florida pics!

Michaele said...

I visited Wall Drug last summer on my trip from Norfolk, NE to Dayton, WY.
I hadn't been through there for years. I went to high school in SD and spent some time in the Hills. Good memories.

Karen said...

Oh, yes, this was our honeymoon trip in 1978. Wonderful memories and your photos just brought them all back again. (I actually have a picture of me on that bucking bronco way back in the day!) Oh, to be that skinny again.

Farmchick said...

I was at the Badlands many years ago with my parents. Such a beautiful place. I do remember it well.

Pondside said...

That sounds like my kind of road trip. What a lot of interesting things there are along the way - I am especially impressed by the size of the pet being walked - of course everything is bigger in the west!

Mary said...

Lisa, your photos brought a tear! I love that trip....so many memories!

Jill Harrison said...

Amazing photos of the Badlands. Thankyou for taking me there!

Suzy said...

What an exciting road trip!!...always wondered where Wall Drug was located.{ seen all the bumper stickers}

doublehphoto said...

Oh what a good trip! We used to feed cattle in Plankington, and I really enjoyed looking through the familiar sites you captured between there and Rapid City!

Terri Morse said...

Oh Lisa, I'm so glad I scrolled down a bit. This brought back some of my favorite memories. My hubby and I took more than a few trips across the country, and the Badlands and Wall Drug were always on our list of favorite places! It looks just as wonderful as ever. We're from Pennsylvania, but our favorite summer memories are of three week trips across the country, camping at the national parks along the way. Thanks for the memories! Terri