Shower Success

We laughed ~ we cried ~ we had a great time!

A Dozen ladies in a 5 star restaurant....
delicious food, champagne,
flowers, gifts
it all totaled up
very happy bride! 

The high-light of the shower for me
was watching her open the special 
gift from her mother....

A double wedding ring quilt 
it took her two years to complete!

Hand made for Tara
married May 2, 2011
Love , Mom

What a fun bridal shower
I'm so happy she's found Mr. Right...
her dream of a wedding on the beach is coming true....

and the government did not shut down 
so she can get back to work on Monday!

(Note to Tara: it's back to reality for 17 days, Missy!)
See you on the beach May 2nd
Love you always,
Aunt Lisa


texwisgirl said…
that's quite the labor of love in that quilt. :)
Sharon said…
That was quite the shower! I really got a kick out of the beach cupcakes! Such a lovely quilt made by her Mom! It will be an heirloom for sure!
Karen said…
The quilt is so very beautiful and filled with precious memories, an heirloom for generations to come.

Looks like you all had a great time, and the cupcakes looked very tasty. Beautiful bride-to-be.
Jackie said…
Sounds like a great shower and the quilt is wonderful, what an heirloom.

Looking forward to the wedding photographs.

Jackie in Surrey, UK.
Country Gal said…
It all looks great , what a fun looking time, Congrats to the to be bride. Love your photos, Have a great day !
Buttons said…
Loooks like everyone had a great time. That quilt is such a special gift. It is truly a gift of love. The beach cool. B
TJB said…
I had a blast with laughter and tears and the gifts were fantastic! My quilt is gorgeous, but every gift will be cherished and appreciated (some are not meant to be blogged!) :)
Thank you so much for another great memory!!

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