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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Asparagus Hunting

As far as the Sall's are concerned
South Dakota has two 
hunting seasons
(well, okay 3)...


Unlike pheasant hunting, asparagus 
has not become a big source of revenue YET!
The locals are still smart enough
to keep this little-known wild commodity
under their hats! 

So don't look for any
big signs pointing to it!

And if you ask anyone local
where to find it...
they'll give you the "HUHHH?? what asparagus???" response

It's a season that
comes and goes
and hardly anyone 
talks about it out loud!

Wild asparagus grows in the ditches...
it's better than any asparagus
you can buy in any market
for no less than $5 for a small bundle.

But, if you want to go 
find your own (FREE)...
you better have a real good eye
and a tolerance for ticks!

Sall can spot it from the road...
and Max loves to follow along.

and yes, we spend the 
rest of the evening looking for ticks!

I prefer to stay in the truck
and spot things to photo!
Like old farm buildings,
birds, flowers, what not...

I leave the asparagus
to the serious picker hunter!

I usually end up standing on top
of them and complaining
about not finding any!!

We started growing it in our
garden too,
but the wild stuff always
tastes better!
So every evening Sall goes out 
on his "shhh" asparagus run
and brings back enough 
for supper!

There are some
laws in the 
asparagus underground network:

1. Don't ask and Don't tell
2.  Share the Bounty and refer to rule #1
3.  Never pick more than you need
4. Always leave some for seed

There is no hot-line for reporting poachers
but, maybe there should be?

Some guys should just 
stick to fishing!

Hope you're out 
doing something fun for the weekend!


Buttons said...

Great post we have a lot of wild asparagus all along the side roads. We are lucky enough not to worry to much about ticks. I let my friend NDF have them she loves it more than I. B

texwisgirl said...

wow! now that's a new one for me! i've heard of ramps in W Va, morel mushrooms in various woodlands, but didn't know asparagus ran rampant in S Dakota! :)

Sharon said...

Never saw any down here, I wish.... I get to pay the man and it usually isn't all that fresh. I do love the stuff though.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Years ago, my Mother-in-law and I picked wild asparagus (in Wisconsin). I've not thought of that in a long time...It's a good memory that I've not thought of in a long time--Thanks for reminding me!!

I hope you had an enjoyable time, I'm sure Max is the perfect companion to have along!!

Mary Ann said...

I would LOVE to be able to go out and find it growing wild! I had no idea!

That corgi :) said...

I like the unspoken rules about it; I bet it is always good to share with others! Max looks cute as a helper! it is interesting though about the ticks; that part wouldn't be too fun. I think your idea of staying in the truck and waiting and looking for good pictures is a wise one!!

enjoy Sunday!


Carol at Serendipity said...


Sounds like Fiddleheads in Maine...Even your best friend won't tell you where to find them!


Michaele said...

We can do that here in NE too, but I haven't been around long enough to know where the good spots are. As for ticks? Now those we are getting pretty good at "picking".