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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sun and Fun on Flagler Beach

Take one very F-U-N engaged couple from North Dakota
add 22 FUN friends and family (all from North and South Dakota) ...

take them to a beach house in Florida...
and you'll have
non-stop laughs,
tears of joy,
many stories,
and a lot of sun burns!

we spent 10 days with the soon to be married
Tara and Charlie...

Their closest friends and relatives
shared a beach house 
on Flagler Beach!

17 people in a house together
and not one complaint!

Sun and Fun....

Mimosas by the shore!!

I could really get used to this beach living!!

The groom's family prepared a
meal of fresh fruits and kababs
for the rehearsal/taki tiki party....

three fun-filled days
leading up to a wedding ceremony
on the beach.

Delicious sea food,
fun on the beach,
swimming in the ocean,
unique shops...

and endless photo opportunities!

This blogger was in 7th Heaven!!

I'll share more photos soon!
Thanks for stopping by ~  
Hope your Mother's Day was special!!


texwisgirl said...

oh my. all those people in one house? i'd have gone nuts! but at least you had the beach to escape to! glad you had fun!

Jackie said...

Great photographs and I could feel the fun!!Jackie in Surrey

TJB said...

I get goose bumps looking at your pictures, knowing all the other pictures in the making!! My anticipation is through the roof!! To all others, this woman is AMAZING and I am so proud to have her as my aunt!!! LOVE YOU LOTS and LOTS AUNT LISA!!!

Karen said...

What a good time and once in a lifetime experience. So glad you had a wonderful time.

Michaele said...

I think this might just be 8th heaven. What fun!!!