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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Every One Needs Their Own Spot

This may be one of my favorite spots 
in the tri-county area where we live!

Giant dead cottonwoods
just buying time here...

I've shot this scene many times
and had a lot of fun
retouching the images...

maybe I'm trying to 
bring these poor trees 
back to life!

 These old trees have 
been a summer home to the cormorants...

I hate seeing them slowly

I hate to see the 
poor birds return to 
less and less branches!

Every spring they return...

Every spring there are less branches
to return to....

I wonder if they are 
worried about their spot?

And if they worry about 
their grand-children's spots?

This much water has not ALWAYS been here...

For years it's been called Rempfer Slough...
The cottonwoods were once giant and healthy,
and at the deepest point it was a jungle of cat tails
and a muddy refuge to any wild life which dared to hide out!
The rains came ...
 (now we refer to it as Rempfer Lake)

the cormorants found the water
and the water took the trees.
NATURE is such a cycle!

Humans need to pay attention
to the cycle!

 We are also buying time here
and need to protect what is not ours!

My heart goes out to all 
of the poor souls forsaken
by tornadoes and floods!

Tonight, I hope you are with a roof over
your head and someone to call friend!


Country Gal said...

Beautiful photos !
Yes nature can be cuel and kind !
Have a great day !

Sharon said...

A beautiful and thought provoking post. Thanks Lisa!

texwisgirl said...

nice post. very well done. yes, i'm thinking of ND, SD and Montana these days - hubby is working to help with the flooding and evacuation efforts...

Murphyfish said...

Breath taking post.

lisa said...

This is a photographer's dream Lisa, and you have captured it so beautifully.
Beautiful words also. it has been a very bad time for so very many people.

Nancy said...

Very thoughtful and beautiful post, Lisa. It is difficult to think about what's been happening this spring -- I feel for anyone whose lost their home, belongings, pets or even a loved one.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I enjoyed this post and my favorites are ones that make me think...

I hope your day is ending on a good note!

That corgi :) said...

amazing with all the birds in the trees!! they must be sturdy trees to hold the birdcs weight and the nests on top of that! It must be a sight to see the birds returning year after year! looks like a very serene tranquil place to visit. I do hope the trees replenish themselves or whatever they do so there will always be a place for those magnificient birds!


Tiffany said...

What a beautiful post....thank you so much for your kind words, they truly made my day!