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Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Spy

Did you ever play the game 
"I Spy"
when you were a kid?

I spy with my little eye...

Today as I was zooming
around town 
from one errand to another,
when a large patch of poppies
caught my eye!

They were just too pretty
to pass by...
and when I rolled my window 
down, they were calling...
"take our picture please!!"

and I did...

Nature was good to us today,
a warm sunny day
with barely any wind.

A good day for poppies 
a good day for me too!

I bid farewell to the lilacs tonight.
The winds and now the heat
have taken their toll.
An awesome sunset blended
with the withering purple flowers
so beautifully tonight.
Glad I happened to catch it...
 I thought it would be worth 
a few mosquito bites to photo...
and it was...

Enjoy your weekend
and keep an eye out for 
something wonderful...
you never know what you'll spy!


That corgi :) said...

gorgeous sky! beautiful poppies!! I spy is really a wonderful game to spot so much beauty in our world!!

enjoy Sunday!


ju-north said...

Beautiful! You always show something interesting and eyecatching!

texwisgirl said...

that sunset is gorgeous!!! thanks for risking skeeters for us! (i was mobbed yesterday too and now have bites everywhere!)