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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Air Dry Gets a Big Star

Remember the good old days 
when Monday was wash day?

Now-a-days every day is wash day at my house, 

and I don't have a fun neighbor to gab with over the fence,
while waiting for my bloomers to dry!

I do have a very OLD dryer and today... 

I'm giving the old Kenmore a break...

With temperatures in the upper 90's,
 it doesn't take long to dry a load of clothes!

GREAT thing about SUMMER!

My 40-year-old-olive-green-
gets a few months off!


I get free exercise running
baskets of laundry out back!


we save a little $$$
(although, the air conditioner is making up for it) 

My clothes line has an 
energy star rating that can't be beat!

Oh, you do have the occasional fly-by mishap...
The birds nested above all like to
play that trick on me!

Today, I have more company....

These yellow winged dragonfly-looking 
things are all over the yard,
including every clothes pin!

They look ALIEN like!

It didn't ask me to take him to my leader?

But, after hauling a few more loads
in this heat,
they may be hauling ME away!

"Max, keep an eye on 
things around here!"

Keep on keepin' COOL!


Sharon said...

Birds during berry season are a major washline hazard! I do love the smell of line dried clothes and sheets! Happy wash day and don't get over heated!

Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos Yup I got my outdoor cloths drier a few weeks ago ! Theres nothing like fresh aired laundry drying ! and your right you save a ton of $$$$ not using the indoor drier ! Have a wonderful day !

texwisgirl said...

you're right. at least your dragonflies are grasshoppers! ha! trade you!

TJO said...

I am just in from the field after counting trees and had to compete with those alien dragonflies too. Ive never seen them before and thought maybe it was a North Dakota thing, but guess not...hope you are staying cool!

Louise said...

No clotheslines around here any more, I'm afraid. The bird bombers are just too plentiful. But, you know, until about eight years ago, when I had a washer and dryer installed upstairs, I never had a dryer. In summer, the clothes went outside, and, in winter, there were lines in the basement. I have to admit that I don't miss all that stair climbing.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Oh, I love hanging clothes on the line. In just about any weather too! Love your photos, Lisa. :)

Michaele said...

I love clotheslines also! But in this humidity, I don't think anything would dry. I got some good dragonfly photos yesterday in the Sandhills. They are thick this year.

Electra said...

Lisa, I don't come here often enough-your photos (all of them!) make my heart sing!