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Friday, July 8, 2011

And Now Back to Blogging!

Just popping in to 
let you know I have not forgotten how to blog...

nor have I been hanging 
out in the hammock reading books
and sipping tea
(that would be wishful thinking!)

I have been enjoying a great SUMMER!!

the Flowers are Blooming....


Friends and Family
have been popping in....

Our summer has been filled 
with sun and fun so far...

If I just didn't have to work,
I could enjoy summer a whole lot more!

Two large paint jobs - 

Thank goodness for inside painting work!

My brushes don't work well out in the heat!!

Hope you've been 
busy as a...

Enjoying the summer too!


Tina said...

Lovely post :) Have a nice summer! LG Tina

texwisgirl said...

i've been enjoying a very laid-back summer (no hammock, tho!) :)

Michaele said...

You go girl! Summer only lasts so long. Two bees around here : )

barb said...

Been missing your regular posts. Don't let a little thing like making a living cut into your blogging time...b