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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fishin' the Missouri

We are just a hop, skip, and a jump
away from the Missouri River and Big Bend Dam...

so for a few weekends now we like to 
drive out there and keep an eye
on the water and the flooding conditions...
this shot was taken 3 weeks ago..
150,000 sq foot per second passing through the spillway

two weeks later you can see how all the water
has carved out the land at the bottom of the spillway
it's now flooded most of the area
between the spillway and actual dam....

including the campground and playground ~
we were all swinging here 2 weekends prior to this shot....

the pelicans have become 
campground keepers,
patrolling the road for speeders!

over by the dam the water is moving
so fast the swirling current made me nervous!

Eric and Rachel wanted to touch the water!
I was like a nervous old Grandma telling them not to.

I think I heard this pelican saying
"Chill out Gramma!"

Then I calmed down and even 
let Sall put in a fishin' line!

Wow, the fishin' was good!
It hardly took any time at all before
he caught a walleye and a bass BIG enough to keep!

Yep, that's a grown man 
doing the "happy dance"....

"Walleye for dinner, kids!"

Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!


texwisgirl said...

LOL! happy dancing for everybody!

just stay safe with all that flooding - hope you're not directly affected at your place...

Country Gal said...

Looks like a fun time !
We have a river thats near us and are in the process of referbashing a river boat we have so we can go fishin and do our photography from of the wild life in the water and along the banks ! Wonderful post and photos!

Farmchick said...

Nice catch!

Suzy said...

Water is a powerful force but I'm glad the fish were bitin'!!

heyBJK said...

That's a lot of H2O coming over the spillway! Great shots! Nice happy dance, too! haha!