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Friday, July 22, 2011

Plant and Plaster Barn Revival

I have a barn full of ...
let's call them mementos!

"Mementos" from about 
every stage in my life...

going clear back to grade school days...

Mom & Dad had a little Plastercraft business in the garage.
They bought and resold figurines and wall hangings made 
out of plaster-of-paris!  A fun little business, Mom would
have painting classes at night in the little shop.  All ages of ladies
would show up with their box of brushes and tools...
pick out a piece of plasterware and start in!
Scratching and cleaning, painting and antiquing...
all the while the chatter never stopped for 3 hours.
Fun memories of many a lady that has since passed on.
Jeesh, that was a long time ago!
And that's where I got my start and love 
of painting!  Now I feel old!

It was around 1980 when the family
pooled their talents and put 
together a Craft Show!
Our house was full of every craft,
from afghans to tole painting! 
Dad would build toys out of wood
or chicken cages Mom would paint,
and both sisters brought more painted
plastercraft and tole painted plaques!
It was a lot of work and a lot of fun!
The best part was the extra cash we
earned just before Christmas!

Okay, I got a little lost on memory lane there.
Anyway I've been storing a couple pieces of that old plastercraft 
for 29 years now!  It's time I do something with them, before
my husband decides to use them for target practice!

What do you think...
are these two not worthy of saving all these years?

Each one, 3 feet of classic french country!
(it was love at first sight)

I dusted them off and found the hand written
price (in my father's hand writing) 
(I'll have a tough time painting over that!)

They are next on the work shop table,
several paint colors are running through my mind.
First I have to sculpt the boy a new nose!
All these years of moving them around,
somewhere along the line he got a broken nose (poor guy)!
First nose surgery, then paint!

I feel so confident about another project,
now that I've finally finished something....

This old rocking chair was first up
on my list of re-do's....

I bought a piece of fabric to recover the seat 
2 years ago!
Last week motivation set in and creativity took over....

a little sanding,
a little glazing,

Off with the old stinky fabric seat...

cut, cut, cut,
staple, staple,staple....

and Voila...

A great looking 
Rocking Chair!

Once scheduled for the burn pile,
now it looks great in every room of our house!

It feels good!

Can't wait to dip my brush into some more paint this weekend!

Oh and...

I'm seeing another 
Crafty OPEN HOUSE in my future!

Stay tuned for details soon!!

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texwisgirl said...

too cool. love those statues. :)

Sharon said...

The rocker turned out really nice, I'd love one like it on my front porch!

To cover the price mark on the plaster - paint with gesso or plain old Bin primer. If you have an air brush, it might be a good idea to white them completely, so that the paint doesn't soak into them at different rates. Have lots of fun painting the statues, I think they are very nice!

Stoney Creek Mercantile said...

Very nice! I especially like the glaze! I'm a new follower :)

Feral Female said...

Very cool! The rocker looks great!

Karen said...

Oh, Lisa, so many memories! I love the statues, can't wait to see what you will do with them. They are adorable now, but just wait....

And the chair. Now look at that, once destined for the fire? (Horrors!) and now it is absolutely gorgeous. I had one like it that I gave away and now I wish I had it back.

Great work, Lisa!

Michaele said...

How neat! Those statues are fabulous! I hope you will show us when you are done.

Debbie said...

i adore the statues....

the rocker is amazing....i have 6 chairs that need help, are you interested?!?!

thanks for the visit and super kind words, i look forward to following along!!!

Sherry said...

Everything old is new again isn't it. The plaster boy and girl are perfect! Today French Country has never been hotter. And, your chair is lovely. It looks like it is right out of Cottage & Bungalow. Thanks for linking them up to HSH!

B.B. said...

Love the chair! The fabric is perfect! The plaster figurines are amazing! French Country is so popular right now. Three feet tall for $22.80, now that's a deal! I wouldn't paint that either!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Save those figures. Jazz em up!