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Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Fruit

Cherries anyone?

We are a long way from 
any cherry orchards...

fresh from the grocery store
will have to do!

Eating cherries
and this record-breaking
heat wave 
reminds me of 
a summer vacation in 1974!

Mom and Dad 
loaded up the '67 Chevy
and headed west to California....

The windows rolled down
was our air conditioning,
it was melting hot !

Somewhere in Colorado  
we stopped and bought a bag of fresh cherries!

I was 10 and I don't think I'd ever had fresh cherries before,
MMMM they were good!
Somewhere in Nevada  
the heat, the car-sickness, and the cherries
came to a head!

I never liked cherries since that 
little roadside episode...

It took me many years to recover 
and like them again
I will never forget that hot car ride!

Now I enjoy cherries on solid ground
in front of the air conditioner :)

Hope you're staying cool!
Hang in there,

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texwisgirl said...

ha ha! thanks for the advice! i have a bag of cherries in the fridge which i will eat in the comfort of a/c! thanks!

barb said...

Hey! Where was I? Oh, in California. The arrival of you guys looked mighty good to this homesick SD girl.

Kerri said...

Beautiful mosaics! I've had car rides like that too :) Yikes!

Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

LOL, I had a coconut experience that resembles your cherry story.
Thanks for stopping by to say hey! It's so nice to meet you. Just became a follower so we can stay in touch!

Karen said...

Oh Lisa, you had me laughing this morning! Isn't it something how memories like that stay with a person? (For me, it's Spam, LOL, but we won't go there, suffice it to say I haven't had the Mystery Meat since.)

Love all your cherry-themed things, so pretty!