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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fresh and Sweet

Grab your salt shaker and a stick of butter
get ready!!!!

It's sweet corn season
in the Midwest!

We ventured over to our buddy Brian's
farm to load up on some of 
the best sweet corn in the area!

We like to freeze it 
and have enough to last 
the whole year!

First we shuck it,
 then load it into our turkey cooker!
It's the biggest pot we have
and cooking outside
saves on heating up the house
when it's 85 degrees outside!

A quick boil (3 to 4 minutes)
then into the kitchen sink 
full of cold water and ice.
After it's blanched
I cut off the kernels with my electric knife...

no picture of this action
because by now my hands
are covered with sticky corn
(along with my shirt, my hair and the kitchen floor)

Now the corn goes into a mixing pot
where we add some sugar
(it depends on how sweet the corn is
as to how much sugar to add)

That's it!

We put two cups in a quart size freezer bag...
just enough for a meal for the two of us.

Stack'em in a cake pan and stick'em in the freezer.
(after they are frozen, you can separate and stack'em anyway you like)

In the middle of winter, this is the next best thing
to corn on the cob!!

don't you love summer picnics...
hamburgers, hotdogs,
baked beans 
corn on the cob!!!

Just remember
to seat Aunt Marge across from the little kids!
(they won't mind)

Have a dandy weekend friends!


TexWisGirl said...

aunt marge is cute, but i was laughing at the image of you in your kitchen wearing corn kernels in your ears! i SO remember those days of cutting off the kernels at my mom's kitchen table! thanks for that return to a little girl's memory!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I wish we lived closer, I'd invite myself over!! :-))

Sharon said...

I love fresh sweet corn, we just haven't found any decent "fresh" yet. Buying from the farmers on the square, is kinda like a crap shoot.

Michaele said...

Now you have me hankerin' for corn. I probably resemble Aunt Marge.

Louise said...

I love sweet corn, but it doesn't love me. So, I usually only give in once or twice a year. Maybe tomorrow, no, I'll have to wait until I have nothing to do the day after.

Mary Ann said...

Loved this post, and love your simple corn recipe for freezing - we'll try it tomorrow!

Debbie said...

corn on the cob, my favorite summertime food.....what fun it will be to enjoy it all winter long!!!

Martha said...

There is nothing like summer corn in the winter! When we had a big freezer, I would always freeze a bushel on the cob -- and done right, it tastes like summer in the middle of winter -- yum!

Feral Female said...

MMMM, that looks good! Our corn isn`t ready yet, but soon we hope......

Suzy said...

Now this is something I should try.....

Bliss said...

I should not have gone straight for the food section of your blog.... now I want sweet corn. NOW, not tomorrow. NOW.