Reelin'em In At Big Bend

Sall and his buddies
have been getting up early
to catch fish out of the Missouri River!

Catching fish before sunrise,
telling stories,
competing to see 
who can catch the 
most and the biggest....

Good Fun
Good Fishin'
Walleye for Supper...
Life is Good!

Have a Great Monday!

for mosaic monday...
hop on over and join us!


Sharon said…
Good Morning, Lisa! What a beautiful morning to be out fishing (and taking pictures)! You'll be eating high tonight!
heyBJK said…
Now that looks like fun! You can never go wrong with fishing even on a bad day. Beats most other things! Nice photos, Lisa!
I love catfish! Looks like a great fishing spot. :)
Country Gal said…
How wonderful ! Love the photos ! I like the country song by Brad Paisly about fishin its called "I'm gona miss her " It's one of my favorites as I like to fish as well ! Great post have a wonderful day !
Farmchick said…
Great mosaics! Looks like a fun time fishing!
Karen said…
Fun times and good eating to be had! Love the mosaics, it looks so summer-y. Summer is flying by way too fast, all too soon.....but we won't think about snowbanks just yet, let's not rush it!
Your mosaics are wonderful!! Love the pictures at dawn! What a way to enjoy nature.

I'm your newest follower and would love for you to come follow me.
Have a wonderful day and enjoy those fish!!

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