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Friday, August 5, 2011

This Week's Busyness

It's wheat harvest time here in South Dakota...

The farm family that I baby-sit for 
needed a sitter for their 4 "wild ones" this week,
so off I went!

Three days with the kids
while Mom is at a convention
and Dad is harvesting in the fields....

They kept me hopping
every minute (as usual)!

I think it would be easier 
herding nine little baby pheasants,
than it is to keep all 4 of these rascals
happy at one time....

Melt downs happen quite frequently around here,
but we did manage to have lots 
of fun in between the meltdowns!

his parents and now
the baby-sitter too,
is exhausted!

When I wasn't with the kids this week,
I was busy getting ready for a sale!

Stay tuned for some pics of my projects....


TexWisGirl said...

love that first photo and the treatment you gave it! :)

and you have more energy (and courage) than i do to take on 4 little ones! :)

Country Gal said...

Great photos ! few some of the kiddy photos wore me out just looking at them running around ! I guess I am old now lol ! Have a great day !

Sharon said...

Were the parents holding Sall hostage? Is that really the reason you took on four children? I know I used to do it with my own, but as God is my witness, I do not know how I did it!

knapperbill said...

Wow! I bet you are tired! Love the photos, especially the first one.


barb said...

did you put antibiotic cream on that boo boo? cute kids...