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Friday, September 2, 2011

Coons Can't Spoil My Holiday

Happy Friday All!

Wow, the end of another week...

September starting, along with the South Dakota State Fair...


We are looking forward to a long weekend
with the Colorado branch of the Sall Family!

Haven't seen them in a coon's age
(that's mountain talk for "years")

speaking of coons...
we have some of those little *#$%heads in our garden
feasting on some of the best sweet corn I've ever tasted!!

There's nothing more aggravating than going out to pick
sweet corn and finding ear after ear tossed to the ground!
The little bandits take a little nibble and if it's not up the their
standards they leave it on the ground and haul the good stuff
off to their little hiding place!
"I'll take that to-go please"

All right, can you tell I'm a little 
torked about the thieves in the garden?

Anyway, we are picking our sweet corn
FINALLY from our garden! 
It is super delicious and sweet 
and we are taking several dozen to feed the
family at our reunion this weekend
in the Black Hills.

Peppers, Tomatoes, Walleye and Sweet Corn...
won't that be a good feast?

My head is spinning with things I need to pack
for this trip and I will probably pack way too much (as always)!

food and fishing poles and sweatshirts
some cash for a Wall Drug Donut or two,
and we probably don't need anything else!!

Mmmmm I'm looking forward to a change of scenery!

What are your plans for this Labor Day Holiday?

I'm already dizzy with excitement,
better get my packing done!

I'll be ready to catch up with y'all
as soon as we are back!

Relax and enjoy the Looooooong weekend!

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* photo source - via internet


TexWisGirl said...

so you're taking your corn to go too! :) enjoy the fam time!

Sharon said...

We aren't doing anything but relaxing.

I hope you have a grand time, sounds like a whole lot of fun and great eating!

We'll see you when you get back! Drive carefully!

Carol at Serendipity said...


Have a wonderful and safe trip.
We are hanging around here. My kids may drop in. Just taking it easy and working on a quilt.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It's the end of the weekend, and I hope its been an enjoyable one for you and your family!!