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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yesterday was a cruel and ugly 
reminder of how the wind can howl here 
on the prairie...

which reminds me of blowing snow
which makes me think of all 
the work to do 
to get ready for 
the Winter wind 
that will be pounding on our door
in a few weeks!....

sealing up cracks,
more insulation,
digging up bulbs,
fix the roof,
the list is endless
just like all the useless junk laying around....

there's junk accumulating
in every orifice of this farm
and  "I NEED A TRUCK!"
to haul it all away...

I saw this beauty out in the Black Hills...

doesn't she just scream

I dream of her and I hauling junk
for days on end
and having the best time ever...

We would be cruisin' down the road...
I'd be singin' and she'd be hummin'...

We'd become B.F.F's,
Lizzy and I,
on our quest to 
clean up this farm!

and when all the junk 
was hauled away...

I'd paint her portrait 
and hang it on the wall,
for all to remember
the red truck 
that prettied the place up!

Have a super Wednesday!

I'm joining up (a first for me) with
for "Rednesday"
stop by and enjoy seeing alotta RED!

sharing at...
The Creative Exchange
 (a fun place to see some 
gorgeous photography!)


Country Gal said...

Your like me , I have always loved the old Ford and Chevy trucks. I would love to have one ! I think we all have junk that needs to be taken away lol fall is here as of tomorrow and sadly winter follows we are in the middle of our fall clean up as well and getting the wood choped for the fireplace and stacked Papa cleaned the chimney on the weekend and so on and so on !!!! Loved your post and photos ! Have a wonderful day !

Sharon said...

Great post, you sure would love that pretty red truck! I would like to have an El Camino again - very all purpose for me.

So much to do around here and I'm feeling like junk myself....

Ann said...

We love old trucks (mainly red). We had a 60's red chevy truck--it got so bad my hubby sold it for parts. I used to cruse all around in it when my kids were little.

TexWisGirl said...

she is a beaut! i think i'd have to go there... :)

TexWisGirl said...

(and every day i have to let EW&F play out...)

Anonymous said...

Yep Yep, heart throb, for sure! What a beauty! =)))

Karen said...

My dad had one just like the pretty red one in this post (except it was Forest Green.) I loved that truck with the running boards and the spare tire on the side and wooden sides on the truck box. I could totally see you with this truck, Lisa.

And junk? You have junk, too? Oh, dear, I thought it was just us.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Beautiful , spectacular Pics !

lisa said...

I WANT that truck.
I want to take it to work, and to the grocery store, and on long trips over back roads.
Really wonderful photographs of it. Such a cute little thing!

Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day!


Debbie said...

i love old trucks....i recently blogged about my love for "rusty rides"....i found a couple really old ones!!!

barb said...

It was love at first drive the day dad brought the old pickup home and I learned how to drive a stick shift. I think the misters VW bug needs to move out and make room for my pickup.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Dreams CAN come true, you know!


“I don’t have time,” my grandfather said,
“to dither around and stand on my head,
pretending that crimson is blue, not red—
just tell me the truth, if you please.

“I’m much too old for being lied to,
so tell me the truth about the rose hue
that colors the sky when the day is through
and adds a bright blush to the trees.

“Some call it red and some call it pink,
some call it strawberry wine-colored ink;
I call it rubicund, that’s what I think—
now leave me alone, if you please.”

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Featherless Pomegranate

Anonymous said...

That's a great old truck and I love your narrative!