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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our New Vintage Outlet

My Etsy shop went South for awhile...
(not "south" as in downhill!)

South as in a shop at Kansas City!!

A friend of a friend and her friends 
all gathered their treasures
and are renting a space in the
"West Bottoms" district
of Kansas City....

The art community supports this district
on the first Friday of every month
by coming out in droves to shop the 
huge variety of galleries and shops!

Food vendors and musicians
on the sidewalks make it a really
unique and fun experience!!

So my stuff...
along with all the other stuff
will be at it's new location...
for the next 3 months

and some pretty
wonderful "STUFF"
it is!....

Dreamy Handbags....

Garden  Finds...

Victorian Elegance....

Country Charm....

Cottage Cuteness!

Rustic Relics....

and it's all gathered in
a charming old post office 
along side some 
talented artists' 
studio workshops!

So please tell your friends,
and if you are in the area
please stop in and check it out!!!

Tell'em the girl with 
the South Dakota Blog
sent you!


P.S.  Check out "Our Generation's" face book page for more info
and details!  Here's a link to their page,  GO!


Debbie said...

very nice!!!

TexWisGirl said...

i do hope this location does well for you!

barb said...

I want I want I want!

Sharon said...

Looks very nice, I wish you all success!

Mary Ann said...

DARN it... I'm in Tonganoxie, WHERE in the west bottoms?????