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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Too Windy For Anything - Let's Quilt!

The wind is blowing up to 60 mph here today!

I just pulled all of my flower pots up close to the house...
they all are getting a terrible beating out there!

The wind is straight out of the west
and packing some real PUNCH!

Everything on my south facing porch
is slowly sliding to the east!

As I sit here at my desk, I just 
hope the roof holds!
I'm sure I'll be gathering up shingles
when the wind lets up....

In the meantime
I've decided to take you to a quilt show!

I think my mother's quilting pals are getting ready for
another season of quilt making and I still haven't 
shown you all of the wonderful summer quilts 
over at Mrs. Z's!!!

So hang on to your hats and tag along
for some great summer


Sit back, relax,
get yourself a cup 
of tea 
this will be some eye candy
for those of you
who love to quilt 
and those of you
who just love a good 
blanket to snuggle under!

Last December I was a guest at 
the quilter's Christmas Brunch
hosted by Mrs. Z...

she was gracious enough to let
me take pictures of many of her 
quilts she has displayed around her house....

it was a lovely brunch 
and I took enough pictures to 
fill several blog posts!

I'm thinking Mrs. Z
could have her 
own cable show...


This busy quilting lady
has her hands full
making quilts
and helping others...

I'm just grateful she doesn't mind
me showing off all of her precious labors of love!

This sweet Flowers and Hats
pattern was a wall hanging in a spare bedroom...

The bed was covered with a queen size
quilted bedspread 
with a Flower Basket pattern...

All of the baskets done in blue
and every flower a different
cheery color of the rainbow...

Twila's quilt and my watercolor imagery
melded together in perfect harmony....

We go from soft shades of Spring and Summer
SOFT wools  cut and made into
warm baskets of flowers 
to cover us for the winter!

This was my favorite,
just because of the interesting texture
the wool gave to the 
cut out images...

SEW many stitches!

the warm tones of blues, lavenders, golds, and browns...

One gorgeous show-stopping quilt!
Displayed hanging on a hand-made quilt rack
above the bed....


"Thanks again, Mrs. Z, for sharing
all of your beautiful quilts with us!
(and if you're interested in your own show
I'll have my people call your people:)"

I hope you enjoyed!
Have a great day and don't blow away,


TexWisGirl said...

i don't do stitchery, but sure hope you can survive those prairie winds! yikes!

Country Gal said...

Oh they are all so beautiful ! What a talented lady I wish I could do that ! Awesome post and photos thanx for sharing ! Have a wonderful eve.

Sharon said...

I remember when you went to that brunch and Mrs. Z. has the most fabulous quilts on display. Yes, the lady has the gift for sure! I can't match 3 colors up to save me! These additional pictures are so cool - wow that hat wall hanging is just too cute! Thanks for sharing!

I hope you don't lose too many shingles!

Karen said...

Mrs. Z could indeed have her own show! Amazingly beautiful, love all the different colors and textures and can completely appreciate the artistry and work that went into each one.

Hope the wind subsided already, 60 mph is scary stuff!

Jan n Jer said...

simply adorable quilts...such talent....Dont blow away!!!